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Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting Tactical Tutor! My name is Brett and I am the owner of TacticalTutor.com! Just like many of you, I grew up being someone who had a fascination with the outdoors and survival. Because of this, I grew up always being outside and it gave me an appreciation for its beauty and its dangers. Because of this, I know the importance of having the best tactical tools as possible! I am going to do my best to review some tactical tools, and I will give your my honest opinion on them all!

Tactical Flashlight Reviews

Best Tactical Flashlight

Now, most people own a flashlight, and if you do you might wonder the importance of owning a "tactical flashlight". Now a regular flashlight might be okay to keep around the house, but if you are going into the wilderness, then you need something more durable and that can shine brighter!

There are hundreds of options of lights on the market now, and it can be difficult to narrow it down to the best one. Thankfully, I have tried quite a few of these products, and I have made it extremely easy for you to pick!​

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Military Watches Reviews

Best Military Watch Reviews

If you are someone who is looking for a highly functioning watch that could save your life as well as look good, then you need a military watch! Military watches can have a huge variance in prices, with cheaper models featuring less functions, and more expensive models with a huge range of functions.

Because there are so many different types of military watches, it can be extremely confusing to find the best watch for you. I went through this whole process myself, and decided to create a buyers guide to help out everyone going through the same thing.

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Tactical Tomahawk Reviews

Best Tactical Tomahawk

It is an axe like tool/weapon that is handheld with a blade on at least one side of the shaft. But these tomahawks are not part of our past, they are still alive and well.  These axes are now being developed with tactical usability in mind. Instead of being used purely as a weapon, most pieces are outfitted with hammers on the other side of the blade to be used as a tool.

​The hardest part about tomahawks is that there are literally hundreds of different types! I personally have done my rounds and I have tried quite a few different ones. Each axe has it's own purpose, and in order for you to purchase the correct one you'll need some help!  Below you will find all the different types of axes in the market, and you'll be able to make your pick!

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Tactical Pen Reviews Guide

Tactical Pen Reviews

Have you ever been in a job or a situation where you need a pen that is heavy duty? Well now you have it! With the new wave of craze following tactical pens, they are something you definitely need to be following! These pens are made of reinforced airplane aluminum and are featured with tools such as glass breakers.

One of the hardest parts about picking out the best tactical pen for your needs is that there are so many different types on the market.  There are some pens that are built for self defense and there are other pens that are built strictly for utility.  In order to truly find the best tactical pen for your needs you will need to be aware of all the different options that are available to you!

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Tactical Gear Reviews

There are literally hundreds of different types of tools and gear that will help you in any survival situation. Because of this I have decided to expand my guides and all my research. I am going to do my best to literally bring you a guide about every type of tool that I personally think could help someone out. I will being purchasing these products and testing them out myself before doing these reviews.

​Because of the sheer amount of tools, I hope you keep checking back because I will be constantly updating and publishing new reviews and guides! If you have any products that you want me to review then just shoot me a message, and I'll do it!

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Tactical Blog Posts

Because Tactical Tutor is a blog built for outdoorsman and women, by an outdoorsman, we are here to talk about the outdoors.  

Every so often I want to share a story that isn't necessary about tactical gear, but it is related to the outdoors.  In the blog posts section I will cover any stories or adventures that I think my readers will enjoy reading, but aren't about specific gear reviews.

The outdoors is a wonderful place and I hope all of our readers enjoy hearing about how someone like me or you can enjoy the great outdoors.  I hope these posts inspire our readers to enjoy the outdoors, and explore this amazing world we have out in front of us!​

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