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November 7, 2016

Picking the Best Shemagh For a Firefight or Hunting!

Last Updated July 23rd, 2017 Ever noticed the army men and shooters wearing a scarf like thing that covers their mouths? That’s a shemagh, originally an Arab headdress that is now adopted in the military uniform. Shemaghs are an integral part of the military uniform and is mostly used by troops and army men who are patrolling and fighting at the borders. A shemagh is basically a 42-inch scarf that protects a person from sun, dust, rain and cold.  These have been outfitted for many different battalions, and the best shemagh is chosen mainly by the terrain they will be stationed in.

It is especially popular among the US troops who have picked up this particular outfit choice from the Middle East countries that they have been stationed in. Let us know more about the different features and advantages of shemaghs along with some of the best one available in the market:

Best Shemagh Comparison Table



Tapps Collection Premium Shemagh

42 x 42 inch18 Available4.8$$

Fox Outdoors Tactical Shemagh

Best Military Shemagh

43 x 41 Inch15 Available4.5$

Rothco Men's Shemagh

Rothco Shemagh

40 x 40 Inch15 Available4.6$$

Hirbawi Tactical Shemagh

Hirbawi Premium Arabic Scarf

47 x 47 Inch16 Available5$$$

Explore Land Shemagh

43 x 41 Inch13 Available4.6$$

As you can see there are quite a few different options available, and as we go along I will help you by reviewing a few different options.

What Are Shemaghs?

Best ShemaghAlso known as a shemagh, keffiyeh, and other exotic regional names, Shemaghs are a traditional headdress in countries such as Iran, Iraq, and other Middle East countries. It is mostly worn by the locals as a headdress or a scarf to protect them from the extremities of climate and protect their heads from rain, dust and other dangers.

Today, the Shemaghs are also used by the military, particularly by the US troops for either hiding their identities or securing their heads and faces from excessive heat and sunlight. You can also wear it as a hunting gear to camouflage with your surroundings.

The Benefits Offered by a Shemagh

A shemagh is perhaps the best protection against the tough climatic conditions in the desert and other equatorial regions. This 42-inch cloth can prove pretty useful if you’re out camping, hunting or patrolling the tropical countries during the war. It offers your head, eyes, nose and mouths the much-needed protection from dust, sunlight, and rain. This all-weather clothing is specially designed for a survivalist or an adventurer who indulges in a lot of outdoor activity. But other than that, the Shemagh can also be used for hiding your identity or blending in with the crowd. The multiple khaki shades of the Shemagh help you blend in with your surroundings helping you in hunting and other activities.

How to Wear a Shemagh!

I could try to explain and take some pictures of all the different ways to wear a shemagh, but I actually found a great video that shares 21 different ways to wear a shemagh!


The Best Shemagh and Other Reviews

While earlier the Shemaghs were just used for military or local purposes, today, they have become quite a trend among travelers. Also, this exotic piece of clothing complements your rugged look perfectly. And an increase in the popularity of this headdress has led to a lot of companies launching their own Shemaghs in the markets. Read on to know more about the top brands in the market in the reviews given below.

Premium Shemagh Head Neck Scarf by Tapp Collections

Premium Shemagh Head Neck Scarf by Tapp CollectionsThe premium quality Shemaghs from Tapps collections is among the most fashionable head scarfs in the market that are known for their unique design and durable fabric. This is probably the best shemagh on the market for both military and for camping or hiking.  Tapps Shemaghs combine the best of authenticity and style making some simple alterations in the overall design of the scarf. It features long tassels and other detailed patterns that differentiate it from its peers. Also, the 100% cotton construction and strong knots make it a tough and rugged scarf ideal for outdoors. The 42 inch shemagh can effectively protect you from the changes in the weather and is thus, best suited for hunting, camping and military purposes.

Tapps provides quality apparel, and these shemaghs are no different.  I have owned quite a few of these pieces, and each one has lasted through everything I have thrown at it.  Along with this, with all the different styles and colors available you are pretty much guaranteed to find one that is perfect for any situation.  For example, I have a few that blend perfectly with every environment, which would be extremely beneficial for a firefight or hunting a like.  If you are a hunter, or in the military, then the Tapps Premium is the best Shemagh for you!

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Fox Outdoor Tactical Shemagh

Best Military ShemaghThe Fox outdoor tactical Shemagh is available in 15 attractive and practical colors that are perfect for outdoor wear. You can carry it on your hunting trips and the camping adventures or even use it while working on a construction site.

An ideal companion for those long hours under the blistering sun, the Fox Shemagh is average sized, measuring about 42 inches. Also, the use of 100% cotton makes it an ideal outfit option for other seasons as well. You can wear this head scarf all year long, the light, airy and spacious Shemagh keeps you comfortable every time.

The thing I enjoy about the Fox Outdoor Tactical shemagh is that it really does have some unique and stylish patterns.  Along with this, because it is 100% cotton, it is extremely absorbent, and is extremely helpful with the sun beating down on top of you.

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ROTHCO Men’s Shemagh

Rothco ShemaghThis all in one ROTHCO Men’s Shemagh is best for hunting, traveling and military uses. The average sized 42-inch surface area of the scarf can be folded and stored quite easily, also the 100% pure cotton construction and strong knots ensure durability and efficient protection from the changes in temperature.

A great thing about this piece is that it is manufactured by Rothco, who has been around for quite a few years, and they are known for their military and tactical apparel.  That being said, it is one of those companies that you should trust with their quality and their support.  If you are interested in other Rothco products, take a look at our Rotcho M-65 Jacket review!

Available in shades of green, brown such as desert tan and coyote brown, this Shemagh also camouflages you from the dangers lurking out there. The lightweight fabric of the head scarf further ensures comfort and breathability.

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Hirbawi Premium Arabic Scarf

Hirbawi Premium Arabic ScarfThe Hirbawi Premium Arabic scarf originally made in Palestine is considered to be among the best Shemaghs in the market. The soft, light and breathable 100% cotton fabric is combined with a simple yet intricate knitting pattern to make this head scarf a fashionable and practical outfit option.

The traditional stitches and large surface area of the scarf (about 47 x 47 inches or 15 square feet) make it an authentic Arab garb that is now adopted by most military men and travelers. The Hirbawi is available in black and olive colors that would easily blend in with the surroundings

This shemagh is probably the highest quality of any of them that I have tested, and it really is pretty authentic.  It is 100% cotton as well with colors that are both beneficial in a firefight and extremely authentic to the Middle Eastern culture.  If you are looking for a shemagh that will help you blend in with the locals, then this one will pass off that authentic look.

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Explore Land Cotton Military Shemagh

This typical 41 inches Military Shemagh by Explore Land is big enough to wrap your head and face. Made from 100% cotton, this scarf features loads of intricate and complicated knots and weaving patterns that heavily contribute to the toughness and durability of the Shemagh.

Also, the head scarf uses a heavier fabric than its peers, this absorbs all the sweat and is pretty breathable as well so that you don’t suffocate in all the extra heat. And though it is smaller than most other head scarfs, the overall construction renders it handy for outings and military patrolling.

Overall these Explore Land 100% cotton shemaghs are pretty high quality and they come in quite a few natural colors and styles which are great for active military and for hunting as well.  I would recommend these for both active military and outdoorsman alike.

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The Bottom Line

Thus, a Shemagh is a multi-purpose head scarf that can become an integral part of your tactical outfit and outdoor wear. This practical and appealing headdress offers protection all year round and can be quite handy if you’re going out on a hike or for a camping trip. The rough and tough design and comfortable material of a Shemagh make it a pleasant investment.

Overall these pieces of apparal will pay for themselves ten times over.  They are simply so versatile and they simply make bad situations better.  They can keep you cool and they will protect you from the sun, along with that they can wrap over your face and protect that as well.  There is a reason these pieces are growing in both active military and in general outdoorsman a like, they simply do so much!  But, if you are planning on purchasing one, I would suggest you look at one of the ones in our best shemagh list!

November 7, 2016

Picking the Best Kerosene Lantern For At Night Camping!

Kerosene lanterns are usually associated with far-off rural areas that don’t have electricity. Kerosene has been a constant source of cheap fuel for campers, travelers, and hikers who love traveling to distant places that have no access to the everyday luxuries of life. The kerosene lamps reduce your dependence on electricity and batteries and are pretty handy to have around the house or an outdoor adventure. Also, the aesthetic appeal of the lantern and its yellowish glow make it all the more charming. Let us discuss the many benefits of picking the best kerosene lantern followed with some detailed reviews!

What Are Kerosene Lanterns?

Best Kerosene LanternKerosene lanterns, as the name suggests, use kerosene as the major source of fuel. It is a lighting device that has been in use even before electricity was even invented! In fact, kerosene lanterns were and still are a major source of light in most parts of the world that still doesn’t have access to the electricity. The overall construction and structure of this device not only allow maximum light but is also very pretty to look at. From the traditional wick to the hour glass shaped design, everything about these lamps screams out simplicity and authenticity. If you aren’t interested in using kerosene, then you can take a look at our solar lantern page, or even our outdoor flashlights page!  Interested to know more? Browse through the benefits offered by these beautiful lamps below:

Why Do You Need Kerosene Lanterns?

Kerosene lanterns were once an integral part of every household. Of course with the advent of electricity, the demand for these lamps started to dwindle though most villages and developing parts of the world still depend on kerosene lanterns as a major source of power. And in some ways, kerosene lamps score over the other conventional lighting devices! Kerosene is considered to be environment-friendly fuel as it is non-corrosive and doesn’t really emit a lot of Co2; you can even store it for a longer time. Also, kerosene lamps are easier to light and can be operated independently.

What to Look For in The Best Kerosene Lantern:

Before you buy a kerosene lamp there are some factors that you must consider. Some of them are listed below:

  • Consider the sturdiness of the lamp and overall construction (to avoid leakages)
  • Ensure that the lamp has proper ventilation
  • Also, the strong smell of kerosene shouldn’t spread out to nearby areas
  • Go for a versatile but appealing lantern that can be used both indoors and outdoors

The Best Kerosene Lamps

Kerosene lamps, though efficient, can cause some pretty fatal accidents, therefore, ensure that you  get a tough lamp. Now, getting a good quality kerosene lamp can be a tough choice. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Mentioned below are some of the top brands that have launched their own kerosene lanterns in the market. Check them out below:

V&O- 21st century 610-76114 Kerosene Lantern

vo-21st-century-610-76114-kerosene-lanternThis is what I consider the best kerosene lantern on the market.  The golden framework and authentic design of the V&O 610-76114 model make it a rage among customers. And it’s surprising how the compact and lightweight design emits blinding light that is almost as bright as a 100-watt bulb! Also, once the tank is full, the device can run for 11 hours straight. The all brass body adds on to its toughness and longevity while the sealed base ensures that there are no leakages.

The thin glass covering is tough while the set of knobs and the dimmer help you control the intensity of the light efficiently. This lamp supports a number of fuel options other than kerosene such as citronella and lamp oil.

V&O 200-30060 Kerosene Lantern

Best Kerosene LampV&O is a well-known company known for its durable and powerful camping lanterns, ideally suited for outdoor use. The traditional frame and authentic construction of the device are pretty easy to use. The 200-30060 models come with a 12-ounce tank, a glass covering, and a removable wick. Once full, the lantern can provide light for 35 hours straight!

Also, the wicks can be replaced quite easily and usually last for about an hour. This kerosene lantern measures about 11-12 inches and can be easily carried from place to place. This camp lantern supports a wide range of fuel options- it can run on lamp oil, citronella, kerosene or liquid paraffin.

Coleman One Mantle Kerosene Lantern

Best Coleman One Mantle Kerosene LanternColeman One Mantle is a popular kerosene lantern known for its durable, dependable and efficient performance. The sturdy tough frame and practical construction ensure that you get the maximum light using the smallest amount of fuel. The rust resistant body of the lamp comes with an auto cleaner tip. And the adjustable knobs and dimmer help control the smell of kerosene from spreading out.

The Coleman One mantel model features an authentic kerosene burner that comes with a set of mantles. Try number 11 mantel that is built in the device that allows a five and half hour long light capacity. The device emits a bright clear light that can go as high as 784 lumens (about 60 watts)

Coleman Premium Dual Fuel Kerosene Lantern

Coleman Premium Dual Fuel Kerosene LanternColeman is another major player in the market that has been known for its powerful and superior quality kerosene lanterns that are perfect for both camping trips and household use. The Coleman Premium uses a special fuel namely Coleman’s liquid fuel (that’s just unleaded gasoline) as a power source. And once the tank is full, the lantern provides seven long hours of uninterrupted light!

You can double its performance (about 14 hours of light) if you reduce the brightness of the light using the flexible dimmer. The maximum light emitted by this device is about 861 lumens (60 watts approx.!) The tank capacity is 1.3 pints and also features a set of dual detachable mantels.

The Bottom Line

Simple, yet elegant, kerosene lanterns add on to the aesthetic appeal of the place. And though there are electric lights and advanced LEDs, nothing beats the glow and charm of a kerosene lamp. Kerosene lamps are also the only reliable source of light for outdoor camping trips and other adventures. That being said, although we reviewed a few lanterns, there are plenty of them out there which could potentially be the best kerosene lantern.  But, I would be safe with any of these choices above!

November 6, 2016

Picking the Best Camping Blanket – Avoid Hypothermia

“Winter is coming” don’t worry though the White Walkers aren’t! Thankfully in real life, winter brings with it cozy bonfires and camping trips in the lap of nature or a hike up the steep trails of majestic mountains and sleeping under the stars snuggled up in a blanket. Yes, winter is the perfect month for camping trips and ice fishing trips. For, though the days are cold and the nights colder, the clear sky and crisp air hold the promise of spring. And when it comes to battling the cold weather, nothing works better than a soft warm fuzzy blanket and a cup of hot chocolate! Discussed below are some of the best camping blanket options that you simply cannot afford to miss!  Along with a nice camping blanket you should definitely look at the best tent heater as well!

What Are Camping Blankets?

Best Camping BlanketCamping blankets are kind of like sleeping bags but only so much better! You don’t have to deal with the squishiness or all that extra weight. Just throw over the blanket and you’re set. Camping blankets are basically a simple lightweight set of mattresses ideally suited for outdoor trips. Especially the tough military blankets that are perfect for hikes in the snow-capped mountains. A very smart and practical alternative to the conventional sleeping bags, camping blankets have become an indispensable part of any camping trip!

Why Are They Necessary?

The rugged and tough camping blankets are an essential item of any traveler’s backpack. Don’t forget to pack a camping blanket the next time you’re planning a hiking trip. Camping blankets not only keep you warm and snug but also protect you from the extremities of temperature, dust, and bugs. And they’re compact enough to be stored in your ransack! You don’t have to carry around an extra bag, the lightweight and foldable design of the blanket allows better portability than any ordinary sleeping bag. Also, these blankets are pretty easy to use, you don’t have to deal with the complicated setup or follow a lot of instructions.

What to Look For in a Top Camping Blanket?

You just cannot get any blanket for your camping trips- a camp blanket needs to be just the right shape, size, and fabric. There are a whole lot of factors to consider before you get a cap blanket. Some of them are listed below:

The Shape and Size

Now, most camp blankets that you find in the market are square or rectangular shaped. Also, you usually get about three size choices, namely, king, queen and twin blankets. Consider the physical measurements and overall framework of the blanket.

The Material Used

The material or fabric used is among the most important factors contributing to the quality of the blanket. Most camp blanket brands offer either pure cotton or thick woolen blankets. Take the climatic conditions and check the weather reports beforehand before you make a purchase. And you can also consider buying a blanket that combines a mixture of fabrics for more comfort.

Weaving Patterns and Knots

Another important factor that you must think about is the construction of the blanket. This involves a thorough analysis of the weaving patterns, knots, and designs. The knitting patterns also decide the durability of the blanket. Some camp blanket brands use traditional heirloom techniques that give the entire frame a special charm and authenticity. Others use modern technology and high-tech stitching methods.


The compactness and weight of the blanket ensure enhanced portability. It should fit your backpack easily and be light enough to carry everywhere.

What Are My Choices For The Best Camping Blanket 2016?

Is there anything better in than snuggling in a blanket sitting by a bonfire under the stars? Well, if you’re looking for the perfect blanket, check out these top camping blanket brands in the market. Recommended by most users and critics, these blankets are all you need for the perfect vacation with your loved ones:

Classic Olive Drab Military Camp Blanket

Known to be among the oldest brands manufacturing camping blankets, the classic olive drab military blanket has been made from a recyclable or reprocessed material such as natural acrylic. It is large enough for more than two people and offers decent protection against the cold, dust and bugs. Also, the overall design is pretty thin yet comfy, so it can be easily rolled up and stuffed in a bag. This camping blanket is available in an olive green shade that perfectly blends in with the forest foliage. Plus, this military blanket is well within your budget!

Pendleton Yakima Camp Blanket

The Pendleton Yakima is an American company known for their traditional heirloom quality camp blankets that feature both traditional and chic contemporary designs. The Yakima blankets are available in two sizes and three patterns namely queen and twin. Both the models are fairly large and weigh about 6 pounds. And the smart combination of cotton and wool ensures that you get to use these camp blankets all year round. You can even check out the extensive range of custom made blankets that feature special monogramming and embroidery.

HBC’s Green Wool 4 Point Camp Blanket

The HBC brand has been in business since the1830s, supplying top quality blankets to soldiers in the Civil War. Their commercial grade comfortable camping blankets are known to be among the strongest in the market. The 4 Point Green (green because that was one of the first colors that the blanket was launched in) measures approx. 72 x 90 inches and weighs about 6 pounds. The complicated and intricate weaving patterns along with the tough fabric make these blankets durable enough to adapt to any kind of weather. Available in a variety of vibrant colors, these blankets also feature interesting patterns such as multi-colour stripes that only add to its charm.

Filson Mackinaw Camp Blanket

Filson Mackinaw is a company known for its oilskin coats, hunting pants and other similar pieces of clothing related to outdoor activities. Their blankets offer a unique blend of traditional construction and contemporary designs. The 100% woolen blankets keep you pretty warm and snug, while the detailed knitting ensures extra toughness and durability. And the average sized frame weighs just 6 pounds! Available in a number of textures, patterns, and colors that don’t fade in the sun, the Filson Mackinaw camping blanket is also water resistant and easy to dry.

Pendelton Hemrich Stripe Camp Blanket

The Pendelton Hemrich collection is a Portland-based company that offers a wide range of travel-friendly custom made camp blankets in different shades, textures, and designs. The blankets also feature a careful combination of cotton and wool that is airy, delicate yet durable for both indoor and outdoor use. From the classic traditional patterns to the modern designs, you get it all here! The compact and surprisingly lightweight frames are pretty easy to carry.

The Bottom Line

Durable, dependable and sturdy- camping blankets are a delight. Thanks to camping blankets, you can now enjoy all your outdoor activities without having to worry about proper accommodation! And the items mentioned above are great options for the best camping blanket!

November 6, 2016

Best 2 Meter Radio For Survival Situations!

The 2-meter radio band or the amateur radio band comprises of frequencies from 144 MHz to 148 MHz under the International Telecommunication Union Region. The telecommunication within this band is conducted within a range of 100 miles and is perfect for local contact. The Licensing requirements to transmit on the 2-meter radio are easily met, in most of the cases and because of its reliability; it is one of the most popular modes for local communication. The radios and antennas needed are compact and small in size, not to mention light weighed. It is also the most used band in local emergency communication efforts and is helpful for campers and authorities alike.  The reason these radios are important is because of the emergency uses it has.  When you are looking at these radios, there are a few different functions you should look at to pick the best 2 meter radio.

Best 2 Meter RadioThis band is perfect for campers because they can not only contact the local emergency services in the case of a crisis but can also take advantage of the advice of the surrounding ham/amateur operators who can inform them about the area and its peculiarities. Campers would also be on a network that will inform them about any sort of emergency situation that may or may not affect them, such as a forest fire or the like. So this is an extremely important tool to carry, more so when you go into areas cut off from civilization and phone signals. Without further ado, let us look at the best devices that you can choose from, before planning your next ‘back to nature’ trip.

BaoFeng UV-5R Dual Band Two Way Radio

BaoFeng UV-5R Dual Band Two Way RadioThis probably the best 2 meter radio, that everyone should have.  The price is not sky high that only real radio nuts would splurge on a luxury and gives those who are curious and naive, a reliable and fun product. The size is compact, standing at 8” X 5” X 4”. It uses 2 power settings 4W and 1W, in the frequency range 136-174 MHz and 400-480 MHz. It also includes a VHF receive band from65-108 MHz, that includes the regular FM broadcast. You can customize your channel name- change the Boot Display and much more, using a PC03 FTDI Programming Cable.

There is also an option of selectable, wide/narrow battery save function. The battery is 1500 mAh with 25 kHz wideband and 12.5 kHz narrow. The final product also includes an SMA-Female Antenna, flexible antenna, AC adaptor and more in the final packaging. And it weighs only 1 pound. This is not top class, but if you want an inexpensive and reliable product, then this one takes the cake. Another plus point you want to use the radio to keep track of public safety announcements and such is because you get access to 128 channels and a variety of combination of VHF/UHF channels.

Handheld VHF & 2 Meter Amateur Radio Transceiver 5watt, TYT TH-F5 Ham Radio

Handheld VHF & 2 Meter Amateur Radio Transceiver 5watt, TYT TH-F5 Ham RadioThe TH-F5 Transceiver from TYT comes with three Transmit Output settings- 5W, 2W and1W. It also provides 128 AlphaNumeric memory channels. It operates on a frequency of 136-174 MHz, and can also receive regular FM Broadcast of 87-108 MHz frequency. It is password protected when you turn it on, you can also directly enter the key frequency and function. And you can even lock the keypad to avoid the amateur radio version of pocket dialing.

It uses LiOn battery to charge and a 1500 mA HiCapacity LiOn battery is included in the packaging along with an antenna and a desktop charger. Optional PC programming cable is also available if need be. It also has a 2 pin speaker mike jack that is compatible with many other accessories available in the market. This one might seem a bit tricky to operate at first but those who have used it swear by it.

First of all, it is a really sturdy product and you know it means business. It is great for first call responders and other such authorities because they have an experience with products of this kind so that they are not disheartened by the slightly sophisticated handling. This is one of the best products with respect to the money in the market correctly. Though you are a newbie, you might want to avoid it but if you are confident enough of your technical aptitude and/or not too shy to ask for help from those who would know, then this is a great product that will be totally worth its price when you get out there and start using it to communicate. Also, the reception on this particular radio is among the clearest and best in class.

Yaesu FT-60R Dual Band Handheld 5W VHF / UHF Amateur Radio Transceiver

The FT-60R handheld amateur radio from Yaesu weighs 13 ounces and stands at 2.28” X 1.18” X 4.29”. It can receive frequencies up to 108-520 MHz and transmits 144-148 MHz and 430-470 MHz. There is an option to lock the frequency once you get the right channel so that you don’t accidentally change it. Apart from that, it comes with certain perks such as 1000 memory channels, NOAA weather alert etc. There are 3 power outputs 5W high, 2W medium and 1W low. It has an Alphanumeric display and the keypad is backlit for better maneuvering in the dark.

Even though this one is the most expensive of the lot, it stands true to its worth. This is outstanding in its performance, the radio range and battery life are enough to set this aside from its cheaper contemporaries. This is a well-recommended product if you think yourself as a more than casual user and is also good for buying in bulks such as by clubs because it can withstand rough use and multiple changes of hands. It might seem like a big investment but is worth it in the end.

Things to Keep In Mind When Finding The Best 2 Meter Radio

2-meter radios are an excellent option for amateurs who are interested in radio and wireless communication. But before buying a unit for you, keep in mind the following pointers.

Frequency- Not everyone in possession of a ham radio would be allowed to access all the frequencies. There are exams that need to be passed before you can get a license to use particular frequencies. Make sure you buy a unit that matches up with the level of your license.

Power- Since they are made for outdoor usage, power settings are really important. Most of the radios in the market are around 5 watts power; you might need to look for beyond that if you think it will not be sufficient.

Memory Slots- The older or smaller models come with limited or very few memory slots which works fine for local use. If you are looking for national or international communication, then getting a unit with at least a 100 or more memory slots would be advisable.

Bands- Check whether the radio is a ‘dual band’ which will allow you to access two frequencies simultaneously. Also, whether there is an option of ‘general coverage’ which comprises of FM, AM and TV frequencies in addition to your regular band.

These are some of the technical aspects, apart from that, there are personal preferences, whether you want a radio with a backlit display or not. Although it is highly advisable to get one with the backlit display as you might need to use it in case of emergencies and power cuts. Then there is the question on how you would prefer programming the radio, whether connected through a computer or using the keypad on the radio itself. The beginners might prefer the former. However, the seasoned users who were doing this before computers were cool would rather opt for the latter. It all depends on what you are comfortable with and you should select a model based on your choices rather than what is public opinion.


A handheld radio is a great idea if you plan on camping often or live in an area that suffers from frequent power cuts and network jams. This will not only help you stay connected with your family, as you can use it to communicate during network jams but can also listen to and ask for help from local emergency authorities. I hope this guide helps narrow done your selection for the best 2 meter radio for your needs!

November 3, 2016

Picking the Best IFAK Pouch to Heal You Up and Keep You Safe!

Best IFAKLast Update: October 26th, 2017 An IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) pouch is something that every soldier is given before any combat or battle. It generally contains basic medical items required during a crisis like an injury or any emergency body dysfunction and so on. But does it mean no one other than soldiers can or should use them? Absolutely not! Suppose you are on a trekking trip, what would you do in a medical emergency? An IFAK pouch is the standard solution. Of course, it can never replace proper and professional medical treatment, but in an emergency situation, a properly assorted IFAK pouch can come in super handy. Now, let’s take a look at the best IFAK pouches available in the market.

What Are the Best IFAK Pouches in the Market?

There are two types of pouches in the market, one without the medicine supply in which you have put together your own customized medicine items, another one with all the basic necessary supplies. This is because different people have different demands from these products, some just go with the pre-stocked pouches whereas others prefer to fill the pouch with their own selected items.

Condor Rip Away EMT Pouch (Bag Only)

Condor Rip Away EMT Pouch ReviewsThis pouch has a tri-fold design and is filled many pockets and loops for easy access and organization. It is an empty pouch which you get to fill up with your chosen set of medical items.  I think this is one of the best IFAK bags because of its versatility.


  •     It has multiple pockets and loops that allow you to carry any and everything you wish including rolls of tape, gauze, syringe, etc.
  •     MOLLE webbing on the panel and Velcro on the outside that helps you attach it to any backpack you wish.
  •     Easy to pull, double-zipper closure.
  •     Comes with a large handle that helps you to conveniently rip the pouch away from the thing you secured it to.
  •     Straps to keep it from falling off accidentally.
  •     Very efficient and rugged design, specifically suitable for rough use.
  •     Comes at an affordable price.


  •  No shoulder strap available.
  •  Its design is so compact that it may get a bit bulky when stuffed full.

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Fully Stocked MOLLE Tactical Trauma Kit First Aid Pouch

Fully Stocked MOLLE Tactical Trauma Kit First Aid Pouch ReviewsThis product comes with the basic fundamental medical items required in an emergency, suitable for starters.


  • The pouch is strongly built and has a rugged appearance.
  • Strong, durable zippers.
  • MOLLE webbing allows you to secure the pouch to any MOLLE tactical backpack, etc.
  • Very compact in structure.
  • Provides easy access to all its parts.
  • Different sizes and shapes of bandages included.
  •  Burn and pain-relief medications are included.
  • Also, comes with a blood-stopper kit.


  • Tourniquet is not included in the pouch.
  • The blood-stopper lit does not contain any hemostatic agent.

Overall this is a great IFAK pack and I definitely suggest it!  This prepackaged IFAK comes with a pretty wide range of medical products that will truly come in handy in survival situations and day to day situations alike!

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US Army IFAK (Multi Cam)

US Army IFAK ReviewsThis is a GSA-compliant item and all its included supplies are current USA Military issue, so I can’t exactly go into a lot of details about it. Basically, it is a very professional, highly efficient and reliable IFAK.


  •     MOLLE compatible pouch.
  •     Very lightweight and compact.
  •     Contains heavy-duty plastic on the sides of the pouch inside.
  •     The pouch is made of Cordura material with Velcro.

Each kit contains one 4” bandage, one pair of nitrile gloves (black), one CAT tourniquet, one roll of 4.5” compressed Primed gauze, one 2” roll of 3M Durapore cloth tape and one chest decompression kit.


  •     It costs a bit more but considering the quality and quantity of the pouch and supplies, I would say it’s worth it.

Overall it is probably one of the highest quality IFAK pouches that I have reviewed.  The higher price is well worth it because you are getting what you’re paying for, and you’ll be prepared for pretty much anything!

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Orca Tactical MOLLE Rip Away EMT Pouch (Bag Only)

Orca Tactical MOLLE Rip Away EMT Pouch ReviewsThis pouch again, is compact, tough and contains an ample number of pockets, loops, and chains that allow you to store almost any medication you want in it.


  •     Made of 900D polyester that ensures its durability.
  •     The pouch is double-stitched completely and has two-way paracord zipper pulls.
  •     MOLLE webbing on the panel allows you to secure it to any MOLLE tactical gear/backpack, etc.
  •     Has a removable First Aid Patch on the front that helps it get recognized instantly among other items.
  •     There are D-rings available for extra attachments.
  •     A water grommet is fixed at the bottom.
  •     Rugged outlook, capable of holding a lot of supplies.
  •     Comes at an affordable price.


  •     The design is not that compact.
  •     Only one large compartment available.
  •     Top handle not available.

Although this item is only the pouch and doesn’t include anything in the inside, this allows you to pack it with exactly what you might need.  Along with this, this pouch is uniquely designed to hold easily whatever you might need in an emergency situation.

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Delta Provision Inc. – First Aid Kit

Delta Provisions First Aid Kit

Our fifth IFAK review is the Delta Provision INC. First Aid Kit, designed for military, first responders, and the outdoors!  This IFAK is one of the best available purely based off the amount of supplies that are included in the pouch.  It is truly designed to handle everything from cuts and bruises, to broken bones and

severe bleeding.  It is MOLLE and PALS pouch compatible and it comes with 130 pieces.


  • Includes an 18 Inch roll up splint for broken bones.
  • MOLLE and PALS compatible.
  • Features Israeli bandages for severe bleeding situations.
  • Durable design which will last in any situation.
  • Includes 130 different pieces of supplies to help in any situation.


  • On the higher price range of IFAKs

Out of all the IFAK’s we have talked about today, I think this is one of my favorites, and I really suggest this one to anyone that needs a proper survival IFAK.

What the Delta Provision First Aid IFAk Includes:

  • Delta Provisions IFAK ReviewIsraeli Severe Wound Dressing Compression Bandage
  • 18 Inch Roll Up Splint For Broken and Fractured Bones
  • Cold Pack
  • CPR Mask
  • Medical Scissors
  • Medical Tweezers
  • Emergency Warmth Blanket
  • Pair of Medical Gloves
  • Medical Tape
  • Roll of PBT Bandage
  • 2 Large Gauze Pads
  • 4 Small Gauze Pads
  • 10 Antiseptic Wipes
  • 5 Alcohol Pads
  • 5 Iodine Pads
  • Elastic Tourniquet
  • 15 Large Bandages
  • 20 Medium Bandages
  • 15 Small Bandages
  • Large Wound Adhesive Dressing
  • Small Wound Adhesive Dressing
  • 10 Fingertip Bandages
  • 5 Butterfly Stitches Closures
  • 2 Safety Pins
  • 3 Servings of Burn Cream
  • 5 Cotton Swabs
  • Compass
  • Whistle
  • Razor Blade
  • and more

Overall I thorough suggest this Delta IFAK.  It comes with a huge amount of supplies that will literally keep you alive if that moment comes.  This individual first aid kit comes in a compact pouch that is extremely durable and it will keep everything in place when you need it.  The price tag is a little bit higher than a few other IFAK’s in our list, but for this one, the price matches the quality!

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How to Choose an IFAK

You have to keep in mind a few points before buying an IFAK pouch. Firstly, you need to decide whether you want just a pouch in which you will stock your own chosen medical items or you want one already filled with basic supplies.

Next, you have to decide on how small or big you want your IFAK to be, keeping in mind your requirements and the place where you would keep or attach it.

Other points to be considered are its durability, efficiency, built-up material, water-resistance, whether it is MOLLE compatible or not, whether it has Velcro on the outside or not, how many small and large compartments and loops are there and for Military purposes, whether the pouch is appropriately coloured or not and so on.  At the end of the day, the best IFAK really depends on your needs, and what you want it to include.  The good thing about this, is that there are many options available that you can pick and chose and customize from.

How to Put an IFAK Together

Many people prefer buying a bag-only IFAK pouch and putting together supplies of their own choice. But if you are a starter, the question arises, what items you should and should not put?

Bandage rolls of assorted sizes, gauze pads, hemorrhage control kit, cotton, few emergency pills for various general illnesses, Band-Aids, burn and pain relief ointments, clotting solutions, sterile dressings, tourniquet, medical gloves, medical scissors, and for some cases, inhaler for asthma patients, emergency syringes and saline solutions and other general fluids, and any other prescribed medications etc. could be stacked in an IFAK pouch.

My Assessment

I hope that by now, I have been able to offer you almost all the necessary details about an Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK). For more, you can always check online. The four products I have discussed above are the some of the most reviewed and recommended ones in the market. There are, of course, a lot of other products out there from which you can choose one to buy. Before buying, just keep in mind all the points stated above because you don’t want to be stuck with an IFAK which is not compatible with all your requirements, or too small or too big for your use. So, what are you waiting for? Go on and buy an IFAK soon and get ready to go on a long trekking or hunting trip, and in the case of emergency, you;ll be ready.  Hopefully this guide has helped you find the best IFAK for your needs, and it will keep you safe in all your adventures.

November 2, 2016

Picking the Best Mora Knife to Keep You Alive!

Picking The Best Mora Knife 2016 – Reviews

A certain Nordic proverb goes, “a Knifeless Man is a Lifeless Man”. Mora knives, whose name derives from the town Mora in Sweden, are Scandinavian woodcraft sheath knives that also fall under the category of survival knives. Mora knives are majorly favored due to their superior sharpness of edge, their more than comfortable and friendly grip, and mostly for their incomparable ability to carve out wood the way you want or being useful in any survival situation you got. I would go into details but let us first take a look at the some of the best Mora Knives in the market.

Best Mora Knives in the Market

  • Mora Classic #2, Carbon

This product was first made over a century ago and has been through a lot of evolution since, yet is among the most preferred Mora Knives of all times. The blade is made of carbon steel, about 4.17 inches long, clip pointed and plain edged with a polished finish. It gives longevity if kept properly clean and dry. The blade has the traditional wood handle made of red ochre Birch, about 4.7 inches long, has a streamlined body for better grip and is very sturdy. It comes with a plastic sheath with a belt clip.

With a little maintenance once in a while, this knife could prove to be one of the finest out there if you want to, say, go on a hunting trip or carve wood as a hobby and so on. It is very much affordable. Moreover, it comes with a lifetime warranty for materials and manufacturing defects – another reason to love Morakniv (Mora of Sweden) products.

Morakniv Companion, Military Green Stainless, Orange

This is another awesome knife from Morakniv. It has a sturdy Sandvik stainless steel fixed blade, 4.01 inches in length, clip pointed and scandi-ground edged with a fine polished finish. The special edge makes it corrosion-resistant and highly dependable. The handle is made of hard rubber with a high-friction and patterned surface that provides great grip. It is 4.5 inches long, curved to fit your hand and orange in color. The blade comes with a plastic sheath with a belt clip.

The scandi-ground edge, along with protecting the blade from corrosion also makes it easier to sharpen it if or when needed. It is a very affordable product that also comes with a lifelong warranty from Morakniv.

Mora Bushcraft Black

This is yet another good choice for those who want an all-rounder. This knife has a fixed, carbon steel blade with a black coating to protect it from corrosion and other damage, it is 4.33 inches long, clip pointed and plain edged. The handle is made of hard rubber and has an extremely comfortable and strong grip, is 4.9 inches in length and black in color. It is highly ergonomic and frictional, making you feel totally in control over your work. Moreover, the 2nd best feature of this knife, after it being multi-purpose, is that it comes with a plastic sheath that has a very efficient fire starter and a diamond sharpening stone attached to it. The fire starter can go on for over 7000 strikes and even works when wet.

This product too comes with a lifelong warranty for materials and manufacturing defects. It costs a little more than the previous knives as I have mentioned, but if you consider all the extra features of it, you would probably deem it justified.

Mora Garberg Bushcraft Knife, Multi-mount

This product again, is an all rounder. The first ‘Full Tang’ knife manufactured by Morakniv, it is useful at home, in the garden, on a hunting trip or on a fishing trip and can survive any tough situation that comes in its way. The blade is made of Sandvik stainless steel, about 4.25 inches in length, drop pointed, scandi-ground edged and has a light matt finish to it.

The scandi grind of the blade keeps it sharp in the long run, by helping us sharpening it better than plain edged knives. Also, the blade’s back grind can help start a fire. The handle is made of polyamide, about 4.7 inches long, black in color and has a patterned design with a matt finish that gives it an extremely strong and comfortable grip.

The sheath, as it is already specified in the name, is a multi-mount. It is MOLLE compatible, so you can mount it on and off anywhere you want quickly. Moreover, the knife comes out of the sheath smoothly, making it easy for you to pull it out whenever necessary at a moment’s notice.

This one, like other Morakniv products, comes with a lifetime warranty.

How to Choose the Best Mora Knife

Now that you know the different types of Mora knives out there, it doesn’t mean you can just buy any random one. There are certain criteria that you have to keep in mind before you buy a Mora Knife. First of all, you have to decide your main purpose behind buying the knife, whether it is general work or some specific need, depending on which you will choose the length and strength of your blade.

Next, you have to choose whether you want carbon steel which is easier to sharpen or stainless steel blade which has more durability.

Then, you have to consider the handle, its size, and grip, since, you don’t want a too small or too big or too slippery handle and cause any injury.

Next on the list is the type of sheath, of which various choices are available in the market.

And last but not the least, you have decided upon your budget. But, as you must have understood by now, Morakniv products are not only highly efficient but economical too. So, no problem there!

Maintenance of a Mora Knife

Although Mora Knives do not need much maintenance for that matter, it is still better to do at least a few things to ensure the longevity of your knife. If you have a stainless steel blade, it is better to wash it with warm water and may be a gentle soap and leave it to dry. But, in case of carbon steel blade, you have to keep it well protected from moisture and make it a habit of wiping the blade with some oil dipped cloth after every usage. This way, your blade life will increase. Also, you can browse online for tips to lengthen you blade’s life.

My Assessment

Mora knives have stood the test of time to prove time and again that they are the ideal tools for virtually any situation, either indoor or outdoor. The products range from small but sturdy knives to long and sustainable ones while being extremely user-friendly with their mostly multi-purpose sheathes. The products I have mentioned are the most preferred ones in the market. But, of course, there are millions of other great Mora knives for you to choose from, that are not Morakniv products, but, I, personally prefer this brand and can vouch for it. My advice would be to go for a quality knife that is within your budget, and you are good to go.

November 2, 2016

Picking The Best Survival Tarp For Any Adventure!

The Best Survival Tarp Can Save Your Life

As you can guess from its name, a survival tarp provides you shelter in times of climatic distress.  When a thunderstorm coming towards you or the raging desert sun is getting too harsh to bear, or you are unable to find your way in deep snow and a storm is heading straight for you -these may be all immensely different conditions, but the best survival tarp is a single solution to each and every one of these challenging situations.

Reviews of the Best Survival Tarps

There are quite a few different tarps on the market today, and because of that it can be extremely difficult to pick the best one for you.  Thankfully, because I have used quite a few different tarps, I’m going to save you the trouble and give you some reviews of my favorite camping/hiking tarps.  For example, depending on if you’ll be in the forest or on the ice will dictate which is the best for you.  Below I have included my three favorite tarps, and some honest reviews!

Ultimate Survival Base Hex Tarp

Best Survival Tarp ReviewsThe Ultimate Survival Base Hex Tarp does exactly as the name infers, it helps you survive.  This is the best survival tarp that I personally have used.  This tarp is can be used as a ground tarp or even as a thermal blanket!  Along with this, this tarp is ingeniously manufactured with two different sides, one that is bright orange to be used as the top layer if you use it as a ground tarp, and the other side is aluminized to be used as a thermal blanket when it’s extremely cold.  The good thing about these type of tarps is that it gives you the option to either.  I personally generally use this as a ground tarp because even when it gets cold I generally have a tent heater with me.  The Ultimate Survival Base Hex Tarp has the following specifications:

  • Weather conditioned design which can help protect you from the sun and other weather.
  • Extremely light weight but also extremely durable.
  • Multi-Use Tarp Design: One side built to be a ground tarp, and the other is built to be a thermal blanket.
  • This tarp is 108 inches by 96 inches, which gives you a great foundation size.
  • Includes the tarp, guy lines, and stakes along with a nice bag to keep it all in.

Overall the Base Hex survival tarp is one of my first picks, and I definitely recommend it for any type of camper.  It gives you the functionality to be used as a thermal blanket if you are put in that type of survival situation.  But in the end this is the tarp that I use to protect me and my family from any type of weather and also to improve our comfort.

You Can View Reviews and Prices on Amazon!

Kelty Noah’s Tarp Shelter

Kelty Noah Survival Tarp ShelterThe Kelty Noah’s Tarp Shelter system is something that I have had the privilege of using the past few years, and it is something that can really revolutionize your camping experience.  This tarp shelter is extremely light-weight and very easy to set up.  It is supported by two support poles on opposite sides and two anchored lines on the two other sides.  This provides you with a good amount of fabric above you as a new shelter.  These types of shelters are a great way to provide some relief from the elements in a light-weight and easy to setup package.  Once it is set up it provides a weatherproof solar cover that hides you from the sun while still providing you with some rain relief.  The Kelty Noah’s Tarp Shelter has the following specifications:

  • Provides instant shade and weather relief.
  • Extremely light-weight, and easy to set up.
  • Includes 6 steel stakes and ropes (poles sold separately but I suggest using trekking poles if you have them!)
  • Comes in 9 feet squared, 12 feet squared and 16 feet squared sizes.
  • Weighs only 1 lbs and 8 oz (not including poles).

Overall this tarp shelter is a great idea for someone that enjoys camping or hiking with large groups.  The Kelty Noah’s tarp shelter is easy to set up and it provides a huge amount of relief from the sun and weather.  Along with the weather benefits these shelters only weigh around 1.5 pounds which makes it extremely easy to carry and to pack along no matter the trip.

You Can View Reviews and Prices on Amazon!

Chinook Camping Tarp

Chinook Survival Camping Tarp ReviewThe Chinook camping survival tarp is the last on my list of suggested survival tarps.  This is a simple but effective survival tarp that features waterproof material along with UV-resisted treated fabric.  Along with this, these tarps are featured with quite a few different guy points so you can hook up the tarp whichever way you find best.  The Chinook Camping Tarp features the following specifications:

  • Waterproof and UV-resistant design.
  • Can be used as a ground tarp or in the air.
  • Multiple guy points and catenary cuts to help ensure taut pitch.
  • Measures in either 12 feet by 9.5 feet or 14 feet by 12 feet.
  • Weights 1 pounds and 6 oz.

Overall I think the Chinook tarp is a great option for someone that needs a general purpose tarp that can be great in multiple situations.  It is quite light weight at only 1 and half pounds and it comes in a convenient carrying bag.  I personally have used this tarp as a ground tarp at my campsite a few times and it does its job very well!

You Can View Reviews and Prices on Amazon!

Select the Best Survival Tarp Considering Your Needs

Selecting the best survival tarp can be a difficult decision because there are so many options out on the market.  You could go for a nice and feather-light nylon tarp which has grommets if the expense is not your concern. But if you desire the best product available within your limited budget, you will need to know more about how to choose a survival tarp. You could also prepare a number of survival kits, in which case, you definitely need to tighten your belt, but not compromise on the quality. So here is how to select the one that covers your requirements!

Tyvek or Visqueen: Tyvek is typically utilized as a dampness blockade between the siding and the exterior walls by home constructors. Visqueen, on the other hand, is a plastic mass stuff and used for a various number of construction goals.

Visqueen will assuredly keep you dry during the day as well as the night in climates of intense rain. This is a good choice if you need to cut down on the weight, expense and you don’t possess a tent. It is an affordable and long lasting material. If you know in advance that you will need it for protection from the sun then avoid an opaque or clear piece.

Tyvex too is priced reasonably. You might even get it for nothing at all if you happen to know any building contractor! You can also try canvassing the dumpsters of a construction site. There are chances of coming across a limited roll that could have been dumped after the completion of the job. Its only downside is that it’s a bit rigid and when new, it also makes noise. However, a simple wash cycle through your washing machine is bound to remove a major part of that noise. But none of these materials have grommets included with them, so you will need to do some improvising for the fastenings before the tarp can be used.

Nylon: If you are one of those folks who would always go for a tarp rather than any other kind of portable shelter, you would, without a doubt, want to have something which is compact plus lightweight. All these boxes are ticked by the top of the class nylon tarps which are a few ounces, at the most, in weight.

These nylon tarps, which come with strengthened material and high-quality grommets are a bit pricier than the most. But they prove to be quite handy for your emergency gear bundle with their compactness and their insubstantial weight.

Dedicated Shelter Tarp: They are fundamentally tents which do not have a mosquito netting embedded in them. They are specifically designed so as to function with stakes and poles. They are already cut to a particular design. They come in various types, from the archetypal Plains Indian tipi to the most cutting-edge technological designs.

You should select your dedicated tarp shelter as per your requirements and keep in mind the area that you will be employing it in. If you take a shelter tarp in summer in the northern woods, it could be the wrong choice as no-see-ums, black flies and mosquitoes will be out to get you. Contrarily, having a good tarp on a cold and windy day which you can warm up with a nice campfire or tent heater would be wonderful!.

Blue Tarp: There is an entire cult that follows the all-permeating blue plastic tarp! It is not one of those unidimensional tarps that are merely designed for protection against weather. You can use it for anything and everything, from covering your seat for protection against your muddy dog to replacing a tire and of course, sleep under it during heavy rains, intense sun, or snow. You can even place a blue tarp on top of your picnic table, which will make your rainy camp-out that much more exciting.

The sides and corners of plastic tarps usually come with grommets which allow for a relatively simpler pitching. You might even find them for astonishingly inexpensive prices if you are in luck!


Your outing plans will never again be hammered due to the stresses of uncertain climatic conditions. Rather than worrying, go prepare with any of these light weight survival tarps reviewed here for your benefit. Believe me, you do not want to be encumbered or put down by Mother Nature, nor always carry a good lightweight tarp along with your camping kit arsenal.  I hope my guide on the best survival tarp has helped to share some insight.

October 23, 2016

Picking the Best Folding Saw For Outdoor Survival 2016!

Last Updated May 7th, 2017 Are you looking for a flexible, reliable and versatile woodworking tool that would help you in your DIY projects? Well, look no more! Folding saws with their unique curved design and sturdy construction are a rage among woodworkers. Folding saws are basically a hybrid of sorts between a conventional saw and a pocket knife. The saw with its sharp-toothed blades can be folded easily into the compact frame, very similar to a survival knife. With such easy functionality and robust construction, folding saws are ideally suited for both professional and amateur woodworking jobs. Let us delve deeper into the many wonders offered by this amazing tool along with a few short reviews about the best folding saw in the market.

What’s Great about Folding Saws?

Best Folding SawGone are the days when your carpentering toolkit included just the basic tools such as a saw, a screwdriver, and a hammer. Now you get an extensive range of woodworking tools in various lengths and sizes. Folding saw combines the best of versatility and performance and is an indispensable part of the toolkit. You can use it for a variety of purposes such as cutting slicing or chopping. It even works well on all kinds of surfaces! From plastic to wood and even meat, you can cut it all! With its easy operation and soft handling capacity along with an all stainless steel frame, folding saws have become every woodworker’s best friend!

The Benefits Offered by a Folding Saw

Folding saws are an innovative and practical solution for hunters, gardeners and woodworkers who want a small tool that allows efficient cutting action. Listed below are some of the top benefits that a folding saw offers. Browse through the points to know more about the special perks that set them apart from other conventional saws:

  • Versatile operation
  • Foldable, compact and easy to carry
  • Sharp-toothed blade for efficient action
  • Flexible operation and compatible construction
  • Works well on all surfaces
  • Tough durable stainless steel framework

There are many different folding survival saws available on the market, and you really need to take a look at these uses and see what you need, to find the best folding saw.

What Is The Best Folding Saw?

A durable dependable and tough carpentering tool, folding saws have quickly become one of the most sought after tools in the market. This unprecedented increase in demand led to a growth in supply as well. There are many brands that have launched their own folding saws and offer special features that set them apart. Don’t worry though, I have covered some of the top folding saws in the market. Read on to know more about the best folding saws complete with their features and specifications:

Bacho 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw

bahco-laplander-survival-sawThe Bacho 396-LAP is a conventional saw that is also foldable. The large 8-inch blades along with the sharp blade teeth make it an ideal tool for cutting dry and wet wood, plastic and even bone! And the special chromium coating on the blade protects it from rust. It even reduces the friction considerably hence adding on to the longevity of the tool. The easy grip handle is armed with a leather strap and is specially designed for campers and hikers. You even get a safety lock that ensures further security.  This Bancho 396-LAP features the following specifications:

  • 8 Inch Foldable Blade.
  • Features 7 sharp teeth per inch on the blade.
  • This Blade is coated with anti-rust properties.
  • Weighs only 7 ounces.
  • Great for cutting tree limbs and firewood while being handheld!

All in all, it is an extremely powerful tool that is fixed in a tiny package.  I believe this is the best folding saw available for camper and hikers and anyone who spends time in the wilderness.  It has such functionality with its power, while only weighing seven ounces!

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Silky Folding Landscaping Hand Saw BIGBOY 2000

Silky hand sawThe Silky Folding Hand Saw BIGBOY 2000 is a well-equipped folding saw that comes with huge blade teeth. The 14 ½ inch teeth are larger than any conventional saw in the market. Also the fairly wide 30mm blade length ensures that you can use it on a number of surfaces. The BIGBOY 2000 model even supports chopping and slicing action that is perfect for clipping the weeds and trimming the plants in the garden. And the lightweight framework weighs just 1.57 pounds! You can easily carry this from place to place.

This folding saw is mainly aimed for garden trimming and maintenance, because of its large saw size it really is perfect for trimming nearly any size branch but it isn’t the most portable.  I would recommend the Silky folding saw for someone that will the majority of their trimming will be done at their homes.

If you are looking for something more portable for hiking or camping, then you should look ahh the Bacho 396.

That being said, the Silky Bigboy 2000 has the following specifications:

  • Features a large 16.5 inch blade.
  • Features 5.5 teeth per inch of blade.
  • Weighs 1.57 pound.
  • Features a comfortable rubber double fist handle.

Overall the Bigboy 2000 is great for large pruning and cutting jobs whether it’s around your house or on a job site.  It can cut through branches extremely quickly and also features a ergonomic handle to keep your hands from getting sore!  Overall with this 16.5 inch blade you can really cut through a lot of wood quickly and efficiently and I suggest it for anyone that needs a serious cutting solution.

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EverSaw 8.0 Folding Hand Saw

EverSaw 8.0 Folding SawThe versatile EverSaw 8.0 Folding Hand Saw is known among users for its unique construction, holding strength and efficient blade design. It is a pretty handy tool for gardeners, hunters, woodworkers and campers alike. This is because it works well on all surfaces, from wood to metal and even meat you can chop it all. And the easy storage box also serves the purpose of a toolkit. The blade of this saw is an average 8 inches long and comes with a triple cut razor that allows fast cutting action. You even get a lifetime warranty on the product!

Overall the EverSaw 8.0 folding hand saw is an extremely versatile tool that can really be used in a plethora of situations.  It is the type of tool that can be carried with on a hunting or camping trip and can be used to get yourself out of a pickle.  I personally have used the EverSaw 8.0 to cut and prune for firewood which was extremely easy with the razor sharp teeth.  This bad boy can easy cut through wood and bone alike which makes it perfect for any survival or tactical situation.

Along with that the EverSaw 8.0 features the following specifications:

  • 8 Inch Blade with triple cut teeth for added stability and strength
  • Ergonomic handle that also features a slip-proof design
  • Weighs right around 10 oz, which makes it extremely portable
  • Lifetime warranty through EverSaw!

At the end of the day, I would feel safe and secure knowing that I had a tool like this in my bag to help me out in any type of situation.

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Primos Folding Saw – Tactical/Survival

Primos Folding SawThe Primos Folding saw has a pretty eye-catching framework and complex construction that contributes to a fast cutting action. The use of commercial grade steel in the body makes it a hardcore woodworking tool that can adapt to extreme conditions. The offset teeth design and flexibility of the tool is further enhanced by its push lock button. This folding saw offers the swing action of a pocket knife along with the power of a conventional saw. Add to that, the lightweight framework that weighs just 7.2 ounces and sports a compact design.

The Primos Folding Saw was originally designed just for a hunting tool that was able to cut twigs and branches and could be used as a field tool if really needed.  But what Primos has been able to create is something much more than that.  They were able to create a folding saw that has enough versatility to be used for its main purpose of cutting twigs and branches, but it also has the strength and sharpness to cut through animal meat and bone or anything else you might need it for if you don’t have another tool.

The Primos has the following specifications:

  • Features a six inch blade that folds down into a 2.5 inch case.
  • Features a push button lock that allows you to flick open the saw.
  • Features off-set teeth to help cut through anything.
  • Weighs only around 8 ounces which makes it extremely portable and easy to carry!

Overall, I have really tested the versatility of the Primos and really thrown it through the ringer, and this thing comes out on top!  I have been able to use this saw to cut through deer ribs and bones after hunting and it cut right through them.  This tool features extreme strength that allows it to do a lot and it really helps in a huge range of situations!

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Corona RS 7265D Razor Tooth Folding Pruning Saw

Corona RS 7265D Folding SawThe Corona RS 7265D is an efficient and simple razor tooth folding pruning saw that is tailor made for gardening. Armed with a 10-inch long curved blade and a set of sharp and shiny teeth, this saw is designed for smooth and flexible cutting action. Other than pruning leaves in the garden, this tool is also good for chopping meat. You can even use it as a construction tool, for irrigation and agriculture purposes and woodworking. And the compact and lightweight construction of the folding saw can easily slide back into the soft grip handle.

The Corona RS comes in both an eight inch model and a ten inch model, and is mainly used for pruning and trimming branches and twigs more so than survival or tactical situations.  This is generally the saw I bring along on my leisure trips when I’m not going hunting or potentially putting myself in dangerous situations.  It works much better as a gardening and fire wood gathering tool than as a survival tool.

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The Bottom Line

Folding saws have been an integral part of any wood worker’s toolkit and a home maker’s kitchen. A great folding knife is equal to 10 high-functioning tools, it serves to a great number of purposes, making your everyday chores much easier and effortless. There are many types of folding saws divided as per the requirement. The products mentioned above are just a few of the many top brands available in the market. I personally have used all the saws in the review section, and I think they are all contenders for the best folding saw!  That being said, you should always consider the quality and efficiency of the tool before you make a purchase. Refer to multiple reviews from various sources before jumping to any conclusion.

October 21, 2016

Picking the Best Entrenching Tool For Functionality and Safety 2016!

Entrenching tools are just a modern or upgraded version of the age-old spade that has its origins from the Roman Empire! The foldable design and sturdiness have made these spades an indispensable military tool. You can even use it for your outdoor adventures, hikes, and camping trips. Looking for a solid industry grade multi-purpose tool to carry on your camping trip? Well, these entrenching tools mentioned below are the perfect companions, serving all digging and shoveling purposes. Read on to know more about what makes the best entrenching tool and which ones you should consider.

What Are Entrenching Tools?

Best Entrenching ToolA descendent of the spade, these trenching tools are among the oldest tools used by humans dating back to the reign of Julius Caesar! Entrenching tools or E tools are a modernized version of the spade made from light metals such as steel or aluminum. A pretty handy tool for civilians and military men alike, the entrenching tools are known for their flexible construction and sleek design.

The collapsible frame and the firm grip handle all contribute to its efficiency. Entrenching tools are also popular for their historical significance and value.  These tools are great because they can fold up into just tiny amounts of space but they really can pack a punch, and you don’t have to worry about breaking them. 

Because there are so many e-tools on the market place now, I think you really need to consider what your needs are.  If you are someone that just wants something to carry with them while camping, then a lightweight option would probably be a good choice.  But, if you want something for your cabin, then there are more sturdy and more heavy duty options available.  But you really need to take into account what your needs are to help find the best entrenching tool possible.

How Are Entrenching Tools Useful?

An important army equipment entrenching tools are armed with serrated blades that support cutting, slicing and digging. Entrenching tools are a very valuable addition to your toolkit, helping you survive the roughest of situations. From digging trenches to building shelters, you can do it all with the E tool. E tools are also great for protecting yourself from the dangers lurking out there in the wild. All in all, these tools are tailor made for survivors in the rough environment. So the next time you’re planning a camping trip or a hike up the wild mountains don’t forget to carry an entrenching tool along!

What Is The Best Entrenching Tool On The Market?

Entrenching tools started out as army equipment but soon was very popular among the general public as well. And its strong frame, flexible design, and practical construction make E tools a rage among travelers, gardeners, wood workers and military men! Are you planning on getting the best folding shovel possible? Well, look no further! Check out the 5 best entrenching tools and reviews of 2016!

US GI military Original Issue E Tool

US GI military Original Issue E ToolConsidered to be a top quality entrenching tool, this GI model is the very one supplied to the US military troops. Made from the finest quality stainless steel this E tool is not only rust resistant but also lightweight enough to be carried anywhere. And the aluminum handle only adds on to its sturdiness and durability. Also, the tri-fold design makes it compact enough to fit your backpack while the serrated saw and ax blade makes it more versatile and flexible. You can even lock the handle and secure the blade from accidently sliding out preventing any untoward injuries.   

Overall, there is a reason the US military trusts this entrenching tool with their troops, it straight up works!  It’s one of the best I have ever used, and the folding design gives a compact tool that can be used for a variety of different functions without worrying about it falling apart!  I tell my friends that this is the best entrenching tool on the market.  It can be tough to make this decision with all the different types on the market.  But this is the one that I trust with my life.

Tri-Fold Entrenching Tool

Best Folding ShovelThe Tri-Fold entrenching tool is another military approved e spade that features an all steel body and aluminum handle. To add on to its appeal, you also get a corrosive resistant black powder coating that only adds on to its longevity.

This commercial grade tool is tailor-made for some hard core action. And the tri-fold construction makes it quite compact and portable for camps and hiking trips. This E tool also comes with an ODG vinyl cover that protects your hands from any injury. Additional perks include a sharp serrated saw and ax blade that only enhance its performance.


SOG FO8-N Entrenching Tool

The SOG FO8-N model is a rage among tool enthusiast. Armed with an all steel body and a black forged steel coating for extra protection against corrosion, this entrenching spade is an amazing tool or both casual and professional digging work. This is a lightweight and pretty compact (two-fold) tool weighing about 24 ounces that can easily be carried everywhere. Also, the razor-sharp serrated blade offers excellent cutting and slicing action. This all in one tool works well on all surfaces and supports a variety of activities. The FO8-N model even features a triangular handle so as to allow a firmer grip and more comfort.

Chinese Military Shovel E tools

This military grade shovel is considered to be among the top entrenching tools manufactured by China. A budget friendly and simple tool, this shovel is supplied to the Chinese army forces and is now also available to the general public. It comes with a waterproof bag that protects the tool from moisture. Also, the 15-inch compact design and foldable construction are pretty portable. This E tool weighs about 2.8 pounds and is one of the lightest shovels in the market! This multi-purpose tool supports heavy duty jobs like cutting, digging, chopping, hammering and even sawing!   

Fobachi Military Folding Shovel

A lightweight, compact and versatile entrenching tool, the Fobachi Military features a two-fold construction and serrated blades. Also, the all steel framework comes with a black powder coating that protects the tool from rusting. The blade is made of forged steel and is serrated on one side (thus, you can even use it as a saw!) Also the razor-sharp ax and blade edge can cut through almost any surface. From wood to metal and plastic, it can be used anywhere! The pointed tip of the blade also enhances the digging action considerably. Other than all these cool features, you even get a storage bag with a leather strap that can be attached to the belt

The Bottom Line

An increase in demand has encouraged more and more companies to venture out into manufacturing entrenching tools in the market. And why not? Entrenching tools have come a long way from being an exclusively military-grade tool to a multi-purpose equipment for regular house owners as well as outdoorsmen. With such intense competition and a plethora of choices, it gets all the more difficult to get an e tool that’s tough, versatile and at the same time, long lasting. Consider your requirements and budget before you make a purchase. Also, there are plenty of other E tools that though not mentioned above are equally efficient and reliable. Most of these entrenching tools have been recommended by customers and critics alike.  

Although I have given you some great suggestions, I’m sure there are quite a few other folding shovels that are great choices as well.  But as I said before, you need to think about what you are going to use it for so that you can narrow it down to the best entrenching tool!

August 3, 2016

Staying Warm With The Best Survival Lighter of 2016

Best Survival LighterHaving a reliable lighter in your backpack is essential when you go hiking or when you’re on trips. Not having a reliable lighter can prevent you from cooking food, boiling water, or starting a fire. Every survivalist, enthusiast, and hiker has a survival lighter in their backpack, but the real question is, is it really reliable? You need to be sure that the lighter is reliable, and you can be sure of this if it lights up every time you light it in any condition whatsoever.  You need the best survival lighter possible!

There are thousands of different products in the market, but the reliable and proven names are very few. Products such as those offered by Zippo and BIC are considered as the best survival lighters.

This article will be a guide for you so that you can discover the very best survival lighter and you’ll feel much more informed as to which survival lighter is best for your needs. The truth is that there are many different ones, so this is a matter of picking the one with all the right features that you need.

What Makes the Best Survival Lighter?

Often, people go out to purchase a lighter and end up with one that looks the fanciest. That’s amateur hour at its best because there are certain features that you should look for in a lighter before you get it. While it’s not a crime to consider the looks and design of the lighter as you don’t necessarily need to buy an ugly lighter, deciding on purchasing one solely on the basis of looks is an amateur move.

A good lighter should be durable, portable, water-resistant, refillable, and hands-free and give direct flame.

A durable lighter is one that doesn’t break even after falling. There are several good survival lighters that are rugged and designed to be durable. They’re not unbreakable, but you’ll need to apply a substantial force to break them. Another important consideration is that the lighter should be made of a material that won’t rust when exposed to rain or moisture frequently.

Waterproof Lighter

Yes, you’re looking for a waterproof lighter because why shouldn’t you be? Almost all gadgets these days are waterproof, and this is an essential feature of a good survival lighter. It should work perfectly even after you have submerged it under water or exposed it to rain. Even moist air shouldn’t have any effect on it.

Direct Flame Lighter

A direct flame lighter is one that ignites a torch-like flame. The flame should be powerful enough that the wind doesn’t blow it out. It should be unlike ordinary cigarette lighters because it will be subjected to much harsher treatment in challenging conditions.

Portable Lighter

Saying that your light be portable goes without saying, but those who focus more on design end up buying one that takes up too much space or weighs too much. A good example of a small and compact lighter is the capsule lighter, which weighs nearly nothing. While some people prefer to have a lighter with more weight and a heavy feel to it, some prefer to go for extreme lightweight.

Refillable Lighter

Having a refillable lighter saves you a lot of money, but it’s one of the more ignorable features because the refillable nature of the lighter doesn’t affect how the lighter is working. Having a refillable lighter isn’t a must, but it saves you cash big time. Getting used to refilling the lighter will take some time, but after a while, you’ll be able to refill your lighter whenever you need to.

Hands-Free Lighter

Hands-free lighter is the term used for a lighter that is usable with just one hand. Several lighters require you to hold one piece of the lighter with one hand and use your other hand to hold the other piece. This is very inconvenient and inefficient and if one hand is injured or occupied elsewhere, lighting a fire will become a headache. If you’re purchasing a new survival lighter, make sure it is hands-free.

During unforeseeable emergencies, a reliable lighter can be the difference between starving and eating or freezing and keeping warm. Therefore, the lighter you’re carrying in your survival kit should be reliable as well as durable. It should be able to survive not only the test of times but also the test of rough conditions, which is something survivalists and hikers face very regularly.

The top five types of survival lighters are Zippo, BIC, Torch, Capsule and Floating Lighters. Each type has its own pros and cons and deciding which one to buy often depends on your survival needs. All these types of survival lighter have several different models. The main difference is mostly in the design, weight, and feel of the lighter, but the main features required in a survival lighter are very much the same.

My Pick For The Best Survival Lighter!

Tesla Coil Survival Lighter

Tesla Coil Lighter

The Tesla Coil Survival Lighter is actually a quite cool design!  As you can tell by the casing, it is extremely durable and it’s great for the outdoors.  This lighter is USB powered, so all you have to do is charge it up before your trip.  From my experience this lighter lasts about a week or about 250 lights on a single charge.  Not only does it have a durable design, and easy recharging, because this lighter uses an electric arc instead of an open flame it is also windproof!  This lighters features are listed below:

  • 3 inch by 1.75 inch size
  • Weighs 3 oz
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Completely Windproof Because of Electric Arc Design
  • Durable Casing

Overall this lighter is great for anyone that is constantly outdoors.  This electric design helps to fight off any bad weather by being windproof.  This lighter has saved my butt a few times, and I definitely recommend it to any of my readers!  This is the best survival lighter on the market at the moment!

You Can Check Out The Prices and Reviews at Amazon!

Why You Need a Survival Lighter

Many people think that having an ordinary cigarette lighter is the same as having a survival lighter, but that’s not the case. In critical situations, you have to face all the elements and even during the best of times, some of them will be working against you. When it comes to survival, you can’t rely on a cheaply made lighter that may let you down. You need something tested and proven to face the challenges that are commonly faced by a survivalist or hiker.

Let’s suppose you don’t need a lighter to light a fire and that you’re well trained in lighting a fire the traditional way. Now that’s a huge advantage no doubt and maybe in some cases, knowing how to light a fire the traditional way will save you the need for a survival lighter. But in severe weather conditions such as heavy snowstorms, hurricanes, and rainy and blustery conditions, lighting a fire the traditional way becomes impossible. That’s when you really need a survival lighter, and this is the reason why every good survivalist has it. You have to take on the elements, so you need to be fully prepared. While having the best survival lighter is just one step in being fully prepared, it’s a huge one.