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January 5, 2017

Do Kevlar Bulletproof Vests Expire – Will They Work Forever?

If you are someone that is determined to always be safe even if SHTF, then I’m sure you will have at least one kevlar bulletproof vest.  Kevlar vests are great as i’m sure you know because they can literally save your life.  If you plan on getting in a firefight or you know you will have to fire your weapon, then you should have a kevlar bulletproof vest.  But, if you are already an owner, can you keep them forever or do you have to do some sort of maintenance or do they expire completely?  Many people ask do kevlar bulletproof vests expire?

Do Kevlar Bulletproof Vests Expire?

Do kevlar bulletproof vests expire?Now that I have you thinking on the longevity of your kevlar vest, you need to know the answer.  The answer is Yes, Kevlar bulletproof vests do expire and they aren’t fit for active duty after this period.  The usually service duration of a vest is around five years, and they are considered expired, and are replaced after this period.

Why Do Kevlar Vests Expire?

The reason these vests begin to expire is because of how they are designed.  Kevlar vests are designed by a series of interwoven fabrics which help to absorb the impact of a bullet and help to spread it out along the whole vest to cancel out the puncture of the bullet.  After a few years of usage and general wear and tear the fabric in these vests begins to separate and it begins to not be able to absorb the impact of any bullets it catches.  This renders the vests nearly useless to stop bullets.

What to Do With Expired Kevlar Vests?

If you are an owner of a Kevlar vest and you find that it has expired that are a few options.  You can throw it out completely if you don’t have any other uses for it.  You can use them as extra sandbags in your range,  (Though I wouldn’t completely replace the sandbags with expired vests).  Or you can use them for non-lethal training programs like with paintball or BB rounds.


Overall it is extremely important to replace expired kevlar vests after their time period is up.  Once these vests has expired, they can no longer be as effective in stopping bullets, which renders them nearly completely useless in a life or death situation.  If you or a friend owns a vest, I definitely suggest you make sure they aren’t expired before you put it to the test in the real world!

December 21, 2016

Berkey Water Filter Problems: And The Best Alternatives!

Berkey Water Filter Problems:

When someone spends loads of money on a water filter, they hope that it will not only provide them with the cleanest and safest water, but also last for a long time.  At least that is what I, as well as many other people assumed when we purchased a Berkey Water Filter.  Unfortunately, we came across a load of problems that left us incredibly unsatisfied.  Here is an ultimate review for the Berkey Water Filter problems, and the best water filter alternatives on the market!

Berkey Water Filter Problems

I was just like so many people around the world.  I was looking for a quality water filter that would provide me and my family with the cleanest water possible.  I was afraid that my water was filled with chloride as well as other contaminants so I went out and purchased a large countertop water filter for my kitchen.

The salesmen at my local superstore suggested that I purchase a Berkey because it was the “hot new product of the year”.  I was incredibly excited, however, soon that excitement switched over to disappointment. I soon started having problems with my new water filter, and I quickly found out that the internet was full of forums and blogs of people talking about different Berkey Water Filter Problems.

I know everyone who is reading this is probably incredibly busy, so ill cut right to the chase and cover all the problems with Berkey Water Filters.

Berkey Water Filter Problems #1: Dirty Water:

The number one problem that I had when I purchased my Berkey Water Filter was the lack of clean water.  This is the main job of a water filter.  To clean the water.

Berkey Water Filter Problems dirty water

I was shocked when I poured water into my filter system, and then it came out with a slight brownish color to it.

This color issue didn’t happen right away so I know for sure that it wasn’t because it wasn’t set up correctly.

I purchased the water filter, and it worked fine!  Everything seemed good, and the water was clean and clear.  And then after a few weeks, the water that was getting filtered out was starting to get a brownish color to it.

So the first thing I did was throw away that filter and purchased a new filter thinking it was just a fluke.  Unfortunately, around two months later, the same exact thing happened.  This time even more brown and gross water than before!

I didn’t feel safe giving this gross water to my family, so I quickly started to do some more research for a new water filter which I will talk about in depth below.

Berkey Water Filter Problems #2: Cheap Material:

The Dirty water was the first huge strike against the Berkey Water Filters, but the second big strike against them was the quality of materials that were used to make the system itself, as well as the replacement filters.

Berkey Water Filter Problem cheap material

When I first purchased the water filter system, I never really worried about having low quality materials with my new purchase because it was a rather high end water filter!

Berkey Water Filters aren’t the cheapest water filters that the stores sell, they are actually some of the more expensive water filters at my local superstore.

I first realized that the water filters were made out of cheap materials when I had to buy my first water filter replacement online.  I purchased a two filter pack and quickly realized how cheap and fragile the filter felt in my hand.  Which is much different than the original filter that came with the system.

The replacement filter was incredibly cheap and lasted only a few weeks before giving out completely.  For spending as much money as I did on the water filter system, I really wish that the products were made out of higher quality products.

Berkey Water Filter Problem #3: Poor Customer Service:

So as you can tell, I was very disappointed with the Berkey Water Filter product as a whole, and what made the whole thing worse was the terrible customer service.

Berkey Water Filter Problem Poor Customer Service

I was hoping that there would be a way I could talk to someone and get the whole situation figured out.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a hold of anyone.  I just wanted to ask a few questions and see if there was anything they could do to help me because their product was so terrible.

So I called their customer service hotline more than 10 times, and was either put on hold for up to an hour at a time, or was never transferred to a human being.  I also sent multiple emails to their customer service team, and never received a response!

I was astounded by the lack of customer service, which made the whole situation even worse!

The Best Alternative Water Filter:

I highly advise everyone to do extensive research before purchasing a water filter, because if you don’t you will end up wasting money!

I hope you learns a lot about Berkey Water Filters, and all of the Berkey Water Filter Problems.

So instead of getting that water filter, here is my number one suggestion that I believe is a great water filter, as well as thousands of people world wide!

The ISpring RCC7 Water Filter:

The ISpring RCC7 Water Filter is the best water filter that I have ever owned!  I didn’t have to worry about any of the Berkey Water Filter problems with the ISpring RCC7 Water Filter!

ISpring RCC7 Water Filter

This water filter is one of the leaders in the industry as it filters out more than 1000+ pollutants such as fluoride, chlorine, lead, and other materials that are incredibly common in tap water.

I have used this system for more than 6 months, and I have never experienced any problems!  The material is sturdy and well built.  The Water Filter was even awarded a gold seal from the Water Quality Association for its amazing quality, safety, and durability!

The product is incredibly reliable and I love it!  I finally feel safe giving my family the cleanest water possible!

This filter even comes with a 1 year money back guarantee as well as a 1 year long full warranty!  ISpring are incredibly proud of their product and they know everyone will love it!

I recommend this product to all of my close friends and family because it is awesome!

You Can View This Product and Reviews on Amazon!

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December 7, 2016

The Ultimate Atkins Frozen Meals Review! -Everything You Need To Know!

Atkins Frozen Meals:

I have recently just stumbled upon these Atkins Frozen Meals, and I immediately thought to myself, this could really come in handy!!  So I knew I needed to write an Atkins Frozen Meals Review!

I know I am not alone when I say that many times I am so busy that I don’t really have time to make a full meal, so I end up not eating enough, or eating something unhealthy just because it is a faster option.

Atkins Frozen Meals Review

That are a couple problems with eating healthy.  The first problem that comes to mind is that it is usually incredibly time consuming to prepare a healthy meal, which makes it nearly impossible to do for many people like me!  The second problem that comes to mind is that usually healthy meals are much more expensive than less healthier options.

But then I stumbled upon these Atkins Frozen Meals, and I knew straight away that this things would be a life changer!  I have been dabbling with them for quite sometime now and I knew I would have to make an Atkins Frozen Meals Review for you guys right away!

Benefits of Atkins Frozen Meals:

There is only one reason that people buy these frozen meals, and that is because of the benefits!  Why would anyone ever buy a product that doesn’t improve their lives at all?

And let me assure you, these Atkins ready meals have so many different benefits that they are definitely worth it!

It wouldn’t be an Atkins Frozen Meals Review without an in depth list of the benefits!  So lets get straight into it!

Benefits of atkins frozen meals

Atkins Diet Pyramid

The first major benefit is the health factor!

Many people including myself have heard about the Atkins diet before, but I personally never completely understood what that meant.  I knew that it was a healthy option so I had to do some research!

The Atkins diet, as well as the Atkins Frozen Meals, is a diet that focuses on low-carbohydrates and higher amounts of protein and healthy fats.

The Atkins diet has been proven time and time again in recent years that a low-carbohydrate diet is often times recommended for weight loss!

This kind of diet has become a more common thread in the health and fitness world, because it works!

So when I found out that I could purchase these frozen meals and they were actually incredibly healthy and provided me with a way to loose weight than I was incredibly excited!

The second benefit of the Atkins Frozen Meals is how quick and easy it is!

This was the initial reason that I purchased these frozen meals, I wasn’t even aware of the health benefits of these meals.

I was in a drastic need of a quick alternative to cooking my own meals.  I have an very busy schedule, especially in the mornings so often times I would skip breakfast all together.  But since I know I have these frozen meals, I am able to make a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner in no time!

I highly recommend these frozen meals to everyone!  After the benefits lets go on to the next part of the Atkins Frozen Meals Review!


The selections is a very important part of these frozen meals.  Often times, people are worried about buying ready meals such as these because they are expecting the food too taste terrible and to be really bland.  And to be completely honest that is what I was thinking too.  But I am really glad to say that I was completely wrong!

atkins frozen meals selections

Atkins Frozen Meals have tons of different selections!

Atkins has provided their customers with numerous options and selections so that they can pick a food that they know they will enjoy!

I haven’t tasted every single meal that Atkins sells, but I have never been disappointed with any of them yet!

Nearly all of these meals are protein based meals, which I absolutely love!  That means that you will see lots of chicken, beef, shrimp, and turkey based meals!

The thing I love so much about these meals is the wide variety of options that there are.  I have tried other types of ready meals, and there are only a few different options, and they all tasted really bland and flavorless.

However, Atkins provides the customers with many different options such as Chicken & Broccolli Alfredo, Beef Merlot, Shrimp Scampi, Meat Lasagna, Teriyaki Stir-Fry, and much more!

I have tried many different kinds of meals, and I am geniunely exicted to try new meals ever week!

I recommend nearly every meal but my two favorite meals are the Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo and the Beef Merlot!  I highly recommend either one of these meals to all my friends and family!

There is a huge selection for these frozen meals, and with that we will move on to the next part of the Atkins Frozen Meals Review!

Cons of Atkins Frozen Meals:

I felt obligated to include a list of cons to my Atkins Frozen Meals Review, to fully inform everyone before they think about purchasing these meals.

But the problems were that it was really hard to come up with a list of cons because I really do love the frozen meals so much!

If I had to think of a some cons I guess I would have to say that my local Walmart doesn’t have the widest variety of meals.  The always have meals available, but they usually only have 3 or 4 different meals, which can get a little redundant over time.

Which is why I have recently switched to ordering in bulk online!  Which I believe is a really price effective and efficient option!

Atkins Frozen Meals Nutrition:

We have already covered how the Atkins Frozen Meals provide a healthy option for many people, however in this section of the Atkins Frozen Meals Review, we jump a little deeper into the nutrition of these frozen meals!  Here is a guide of the Atkins Frozen Meals Nutrition!

atkins frozen meals nutrition

Every single meal has one thing in common, and that is that they have a low amount of carbohydrates and a higher amount of protein.  This leads to a healthier diet, as well as providing the consumer with more protein which keeps them fuller longer.

The average Atkins Frozen Meal contains roughly 300-500 calories for the entire meal, which compared to many other meals is incredibly good!

Within these frozen meals is usually around 25-35 grams of protein, and 15-20 grams of healthy fat.  This definitely  provides the consumer with a healthy high protein diet!

One of the best parts about the atkins frozen meals nutrition fact is that they are really low in sugar.  Most meals only have 1 gram of sugar!

These frozen meals are incredibly healthy!  On to the last section of the Atkins Frozen Meals Review, and one of  the most important parts!

Where To Buy Atkins Frozen Meals:

So know that you have learned so much about these ready meals, I hope that you are willing to give them a shot!  I know you won’t regret your decision!

where to buy atkins frozen meals!

Atkins Frozen Meals at your local grocery store!

So you may be asking yourself if you have to sign some huge diet commitment to get these meals or something sketchy like that.  But the best part is that you can get them at your local super store!

I guarantee that if you go to your local grocery store, Walmart, or Costco that you will find a nice supply of these frozen meals!  They are incredibly easy to find in your local stores!

I have recently started to order my frozen meals in bulk online, which allows me to have a wider variety of meals, as well as safe a few dollars!  I would recommend this for people who have tried out a few meals and are ready to eat more!


Final Thoughts on The Atkins Frozen Meals Review:

I hope you have enjoyed our complete Atkins Frozen Meals Review!  I hope it has helped educate you on these quick and easy meals!  These meals have changed my lives, and have definitely changed millions of other peoples lives too!

I highly recommend this to anyone!!

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November 14, 2016

Let’s Go Ice Fishing – Picking the Best Hand Ice Auger 2017 to Find the Fish!

Last Updated July 23rd  If you have never experienced the relaxing, peaceful, COLD activity that is ice fishing, then you definitely should!  Ice fishing is a sport that has been around for hundreds of years and is commonly attributed to American Eskimos.  Essentially what ice fishing is, is when you drill under the ice to access the cold water fish that are living in the water under the ice.  As I’m sure you are aware, that leaves you with the simple problem of cutting through the ice to get to the fish!  Thankfully there are a some tools that will help us out with this task.  I personally grew up doing everything by hand, and I love the portability of these tools, so for that reason I am reviewing the best hand ice auger to break ice!

What Are My Choices For The Best Hand Ice Auger?

Because ice fishing has grown more and more popular the past ten or so years, there have been more and more manufacturers stepping into the market place.  Because of this, there is a huge amount of different ice augers out there.  With all this variety out there, you will definitely have some choices to make!

Top 5 Best Hand Ice Auger Comparison Table:

Ice AugerBlade SizeMaterialAuger HeightPriceRating

Strike Master Hand Auger Lazer

4-8 InchStainless Steel48-57 Inch$$$$4.9
Eskimo Hand Auger

Eskimo Ice Hand Auger
6-8 InchStainless Steel49-58 Inch$$$4.5
Strike Master Hand Auger Mora

Strike Master Ice Auger Hand Mora
6-8 InchCarbon Steel48-57 Inch$$$4.5
Eskimo 16500 Silvertip

Eskimo 16500 Hand Ice Fishing Auger
8 InchCarbon Steel49-58 Inch$$$$4.8
Blazer Hand Ice Auger

Blazer Auger Ice Fishing
6-8 InchCarbon Steel48-57 Inch$$$4.6

Strike Master Ice Augers Laser Hand Auger

Best Hand Ice AugerIf you are are looking for the best hand auger on the market, then this Strike Master Ice Auger – Laser Hand Auger is the way to go!  Strikemasters have been in the ice fishing market place for about the past thirty years and they make great products!  This Laser Hand Auger comes in quite a few different blade lengths which is great for fishing in different ice lengths.  Along with this, these blades are extremely sharp!  I’ve been able to cut six inch holes in under a minute with this system!  This ice hand auger has the following specifications:

  • Chrome-Alloy Stainless Steel Blades to Combat Rust and to Stay Sharp.
  • Powder Coated Paint to Reduce Ice Buildup While Drilling.
  • Ergonomic Rubber Grips to Help Your Hands.
  • Adjustable Handle Height That Adjusts From 48 Inches All The Way To 57 Inches.

This is the the best out in out hand auger for ice fishing.  It’s very compact so it doesn’t take up much space, and it only weighs about seven pounds.  With their comfortable and sharp design you save your breathe and your back by converting less rotations into more inches drilled!  You can find the cheapest price here.

What We Loved About It

This is one of my favorite hand augers so I do have quite a few great things to say about it.  The hardened steel blades on this auger are extremely durable and extremely sharp.  I usually only sharpen my blades around once a winter, and I could totally get by without sharpening them if I wanted to.  Along with this, I have owned my auger for three winters, and it’s gotten a good bit of usage and it shows no serious signs of damage.

Another subtle thing I love about this auger is that Strike Master is quite popular in northern states, so I can literally go to a sporting or recreation store and find a set of replacement blades.  It makes it quite convenient and along with that most of my friends have Strike Master augers so we can always mix and match pieces if we need to.

What We Didn’t Love About It

Thankfully for you, this section will be a lot shorter because we didn’t have many complaints.  My main complaint is that after about a winter of use, the bolt that attaches the adjustable handle height was stripped, and I ended up replacing it with something from my garage and it’s back to working great.  You can definitely argue that an important part of the auger shouldn’t be worn out and have to be replaced after only a few months of use.  Thankfully it was an easy fix, and most people should be able to replace it without paying much.

Overall the Strike Master Lazer is my choice for the best hand ice auger for anyone that is interested in ice fishing.  It provides you with a light-weight but durable option to chop ice in an extremely quick and easy fashion.  You can’t do much better than a Lazer!

You Can View Prices and Reviews at Amazon!

Eskimo Hand Ice Auger

Eskimo Hand Ice AugerAs a company that provides tools just as their name would suggest, Eskimo has been in the ice fishing market for the past few years, and they are starting to provide a great set of augers.  The generic Eskimo hand ice auger is an entry level hand auger which is still a great product, but if you are plan on going ice fishing more than a few times a year, I would suggest the Strike Master above.

The Eskimo Hand Ice Fishing Auger has the Following Specifications:

  • Available in 6 Inch, 7 Inch, and 8 Inch Blade Diameters.
  • Features an Adjustable 49 Inch – 58 Inch Handle Length.
  • Features a Unique Cross-Bolt System That Helps to Prevent Over-Tightening When Drilling.
  • Ergonomical Handles.
  • Blade Protector Included.

Overall this is a pretty good auger, and it’s a great entry level ice hand auger.  I would say this one of the best hand ice augers for anyone that is just getting into ice fishing.

You Can Check Out Prices and Reviews on Amazon!

Strike Master Hand Auger Mora

Strike Master Mora Hand Ice AugerThe Strike Master Mora is a relative of the Strike Master Lazer Hand Auger.  It shares the same work effort but it lacks some of the key features which makes the Lazer a great tool.  That being said the Mora is an excellent entry level hand ice auger, and it can really cut through the ice!

The Mora is really designed for ice fishers that are focusing on lightweight fishing.  The entire auger has a total weight of Six Lbs which is great for an auger.  Along with this the Mora is featured with great ergonomic hand grips and an adjustable shaft length of 48 inches up to 57 inches.

Along with that, this auger features great blades which stay sharp for a long time which limits you wasting your time sharpening between cutting holes.  Along with this, the Mora has an optional attachment you can purchase which can attach to a hand power drill which essentially turns this hand auger into a portable powered iced auger!  I have attached a link below to the attachment so you can take a look!

You Can Find The Strike Master Mora Reviews and Prices on Amazon!

Nimrod Strike Master Mora Attachement For Cordless Drill

As I was mentioning before there is a third party attachment that you can screw on to the top of either the Strike Master Mora, Strike Master Lazer, or the Eskimo Hand Ice Auger and it can be used with a cordless drill.  This essentially turns your hand ice auger into a portable power auger that doesn’t weigh a huge amount of weight.

This adapter piece boasts that it can cut through 10 inches of ice in only eight seconds, which is great especially since it’s all done without breaking a sweat!  This adapter only works on new pin system hand augers like the Strike Master series, and Eskimo hand augers.

You Can View Prices and Reviews on Amazon!

Eskimo 16500 Silver-Tip Auger Review

Eskimo 16500 Silver-Tip Hand Auger ReviewFor our second Eskimo auger review in our top five, I have included the Eskimo 16500 Silver-Tip hand auger.  This auger is made by Eskimo so you are guaranteed a certain level of craftsmanship.  This tool only comes in eight inch blade diameter, and of course makes eight inch holes.  This is a great and sturdy auger that really makes carving larger holes a breeze.  The Eskimo 16500 Silver-Tip has the following specifications:

  • Features blade diameter of 8 inches.
  • Adjustable handle height of 49 – 58 inches.
  • Weighs just eight pounds which makes it extremely easy to carry on your trip.
  • Manufactured out of high carbon stainless steel for added toughness and durability.
  • Comes with a blade protector to keep blades sharp.
  • Ergonomic “pommel” hand grip style


Overall this is another great product by Eskimo.  I would recommend this to anyone that needs a larger auger while still keeping their trip light weight.  That being said, one of the biggest downsides of this auger is that it is only made in the eight inch blade diameter.

You Can Find Reviews and Prices on Amazon!

What Makes The Best Hand Ice Auger For Ice Fishing?

Before you go out and buy an ice auger, there are a few different things you need to know.  Because we are using our hands to power the auger instead of lugging around a heavy gas or electric auger, we need to make sure we get the best one possible to reduce the work for us.

Size of Blade –

With hand powered ice augers, there are a few different blade sizes.  Generally these sizes range from three inches diameter to around six inches in diameter.  This is the size of the blades, and the size of the hole that the blade creates.  Now, the size you want for your auger depends on what type of fish you are trying to catch, the type of pole you have, and how thick the ice is.  The thicker the ice is, the bigger hole you can use.

Blade Material –

Along with different sizes of blades, there are also different materials available for these blades.  The majority of these augers use stainless steel blades because they are rustproof and they are extremely durable.  Along with this stainless steel option, there are also options that include airplane aluminum and hard pressed iron, but overall I think the stainless steel is the best option for your auger.

Auger Grip Handle –

Because these are “Hand” augers, you are definitely going to be putting a little brute force into it.  That being said, it would be wise if you made it so that any effort put into digging this hole, is as efficient and as comfortable as possible.  The main concern should be with the grip handle, as having an uncomfortable handle can really make the whole process a hassle.

I definitely recommend you find a hand auger that has a comfortable rubber grip that is ergonomic.  There are quite a few options on the market that features handles that have carved finger holds and soft rubber grips that reduce fatigue and increase productivity!

September 7, 2016

6 Tips to Staying Alive in The Outdoors Infographic!

Everyone at one point or another in their life should experience the true freedom that the great outdoors brings!  You will never have a more calming experience, then just sitting and enjoying the splendor of this great world we live on.  That being said, although it is extremely beautiful, the wilderness can be an extremely unforgiving place.  If you aren’t prepared and you don’t know what you are doing, a nice leisure walk can turn into a fight for survival very fast.  That being said, I have made a nice infographic that will help to give a few tips that could actually save your life!


6 Tips To Keep You Alive In The Great Outdoors!

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  1. Bring a Friend!

Bringing a friend along when you go hiking or even just letting someone know where you’re going can save you if something happens.  At the very least, you will have some companionship when you are enjoying the sights.

  1. Bring The Right Equipment:

Bringing the right tools along hiking or camping not only can make your trip more comfortable, but it also may save your life.  Simple things first, you want the right shoes, clothes, and enough equipment to keep you safe incase something happens!  Something most people forget about are bringing tools like a watch or a flashlight or a tactical pen!

  1. First Aid:

Familiarize yourself with basic first aid techniques and make sure to always bring a first aid kit.  You don’t have to be a doctor to be able to stop the bleeding and clean out a wound well enough to be able to make sure that the injured can make it to a hospital.

  1. Stay Hydrated: 

Your body needs tons of water if you are out in the wilderness exerting yourself.  Dehydration is one of the most common causes of fatality in the wilderness.  Make sure you have extra water, and you can also consider getting yourself a personal water filtration straw or some other filtration system.

  1. Give Yourself About Two Hour’s Daylight to Setup Your Camp Site:

Even though I’m sure most of the time you can do it quicker than that, having a setup camp before it gets dark is extremely important!  You don’t want to be stranded in a situation where you are trying to or unable to setup your campsite because of lack of light.  A campsite is your safe haven at night, so make sure you have it.

  1. Be Aware of the Weather:

Not knowing a heavy storm or snowfall is coming can put you and your group in a dangerous situation.  Plan ahead.  Camping while their is a heavy rainfall will not only be unpleasant but it can be downright dangerous with falling debris and flash floods.

Thanks for reading Tactical Tutor!

August 9, 2016

Building an Emergency Candle Heater – Candle TerraPot Radiator

terrapot candle heaterAs the summer comes to a close, you need to start preparing for the cold months of winter.  This is an awesome little project that I first heard about when I was a kid.  The main idea of this project is to take the heat from a single candle and combine it with a clay terra pot and a few other household materials and with this you can make a heater that will provide enough room for a small area, to keep you safe during the winter.

Note: This shouldn’t be used to completely get rid of your heating system.

What You Will All Need:

Overall you should be able to build this heater from what you have laying around at home.  And even if you have to buy all the materials it shouldn’t cost you more than $15 from your local Home Depot.  Overall the materials are quite simple, and it is an easy installation.  You will need the following:

  • One 4″ Ceramic Terrapot (Not Ceramic)
  • One 2″ Ceramic Terrapot (Not Ceramic)
    • *You can also make a flower pot heater with three terrapots, they just have to be three different sizes.
  • One Large Bolt (Around 5″)
  • About Eight Nuts
  • About a Dozen Washers

Note:  There are quite a few different variations of these candle heaters.  I have seen some with two pots, and some with three pots.  But in the end all of these are based off the same basic design.  You are trying to trap the heat in-between the pots.  

Step One: Create a Small Shelter To Trap The Heat

If you are in a life or death situation while facing the cold weather of winter, then you need to act fast.  The first thing you need to do is find or create a small area where you can trap this heat that you’re going to create.  If you have a small pantry or a closet those will work great, but you can also modify your bedroom and other rooms.

  • You can line the walls with blankets and cushions.
  • Cover the cracks in doors and windows.
  • I’ve seen some people use large cardboard boxes, but definitely be careful with a candle and cardboard.
  • Body heat will also help to keep the room warm.

Step Two: Building The Candle Heater

Now that you have your modified shelter, it’s time to get started on the actual candle heater.  The idea of this flower pot heater, is that the candle will produce a little bit of heat but it will be trapped and it will be turned in a sort of radiator.  Instead of the heat being wasted, it is kept and it actually can spit out a good amount of warm air!

candle heaterAs you can see from the diagram, the actual installation is quite easy. You will need to do the following:

  1. Place the long bolt through the largest terra pot.
  2. Add a nut, and three to four washers onto the bolt.
  3. Place the bolt through the second terra pot.  (The nuts and washers will separate the two pots.)
  4. Add another nut and three to four washers onto the bolt.
  5. If you have three different sized pots, then continue with another smaller pot as you did with the second pot.

Now that you have successfully built your heater, you will now need to find a stand to place it on.  I have seen some people bend some metal brackets to keep it in place.  And I have seen people simply place them on bricks or stone.  After you have the pot securely propped up at least two inches off the ground, you will then just place the candle under the pots.

flower pot heaterThere you have it!  You have successfully built a cheap candle powered heater which can help to save your life, or just make you more comfortable during the winter!  Although this won’t heat your whole house because the BTU of these heaters is simply not high enough.

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