November 7, 2016

Picking The Best Solar Lantern to Light Up Your Campsite!

It is alarming how the ever increasing pollution levels have contributed to the global warming and other environmental hazards. And the energy crisis that the world is facing today is but a by-product of man’s overexploitation of non-renewable natural resources such as coal, petroleum, and natural gas. To solve this problem, scientists have evolved innovative ways to harness the renewable and unlimited natural resources such as the wind, water, and sunlight to meet the energy demands of the world.  To help this issue, here are our options for the best solar lantern!

Solar lanterns have been an integral source of light in the developing nations that want a cheaper and long lasting alternative to the natural fuels. Let us look into the benefits of solar lanterns and the different brands that have introduced their lanterns in the market.

What Are Solar Lanterns?

Best Solar LanternThe sunlight is a free, unlimited and continuous life force that has been among the major reasons why the earth is a habitable planet. Today, thanks to technology, this renewable and limitless energy is harnessed productively and converted to electricity. The solar powered cells are fashioned in a way that they can absorb maximum sunlight during the day and process it into electricity later.

A solar light or lantern has a number of such minute chips that need to be recharged regularly. Once fully charged, a solar lantern can provide uninterrupted light for about 7-9 hours! This is pretty useful in campsites and rural homes.

Why Are Solar Lanterns Necessary?

One of the major benefits of solar lanterns is that is it a pollution free source of energy that can be harnessed anytime anywhere. All you have to do it place the solar cells under the sun and allow it to absorb sunlight. This renewable and clean source of light also reduces the dependence on other energy sources such as coal and fossil fuels. Solar lanterns are also pretty compact, portable and easy to maintain. And though the initial costs are a bit high, it is ultimately profitable in the long run. Solar lanterns are also absolutely safe and easy to use.  If you aren’t interested in using solar power as your light source, then I would recommend taking look at our Tactical Flashlight Comparison Page!

The Best Solar Lanterns

Solar power has become a practical and reliable solution to all our power problems. Due to its easy functionality and high efficiency, solar lanterns are a rage among travelers, hikers, and rural folk who don’t have access to the conventional energy sources. This increase in demand has encouraged many companies to introduce their own solar lanterns in the market. And solar lanterns are the simplest and most basic of devices that run on sunlight. Read on to know more about the top brands of lanterns out there:

Flexitron Solar Lantern

Best Solar LampFlexitron has launched its custom made LED lights in the market that run on sunlight. These solar lanterns are armed with a set of solar panels and multiple chips that effectively absorb sunlight. This average sized lantern is light and portable that can be used everywhere. You can light up campsites or homes with this solar lantern.

Also, the smart power saving technology of the LED setup cuts down the costs considerably. And once fully charged, you can use this device for 9 hours straight! You even get an additional battery that features a built-in fuse that would cut the electric flow once the battery has reached its optimum power level.

Overall this is the best solar lantern available on the market today!

MightyLight Solar Lantern

Solar LanternThe solar lamps produced by MightyLights are not only versatile but also compatible to all kinds of energy requirements. You can use it for a study room or carry it around as a flashlight. This commercial grade framework is water resistant and pretty durable. The MightyLight multi-purpose solar lantern even comes with a set of solar cells and LED lights that provide bright light consistently. This solar lantern has been minimizing the use of degradable power sources in undeveloped areas of India, Africa, and Latin America. Also, these solar lanterns allow you to charge phones, mp3s and other electronic devices with its power! What more do you need?

Grameen Surya Bijlee Foundation

The Grameen Surya Bijlee foundation, as the name suggests, offers solar powered lanterns to the rural and underdeveloped portions of India. It is a joint venture between Tata Power Company Ltd. and BP Solar. The lanterns, thus called, TataDeep Solar lamps feature a set of LED lights that emit a bright light for about 2 to 3 hours approx. if fully charged. This solar lantern is also pretty appealing with its vibrant yellow frame and compact lightweight design. And the 6v battery is easy to charge making your job all the easier.


AuroRE or Auroville is known for its top-notch electric appliances that are all powered by sunlight and other renewable energy sources- one such product is the solar lantern. The lightweight and sturdy setup features a set of solar panels and energy efficient LED lights. Also, there are no bulbs or batteries that need to be charged on a regular basis, instead you have an in-built crank that absorbs power and can provide continuous light for 35 hours if fully charged.

D.Light Solar Lamp

D.Light S10 is an award winning solar powered lantern that is known for its versatility and efficient action. This multi-purpose solar lantern, if fully charged, can provide a whopping 8 hours of uninterrupted light. The setup also features a set of solar panels that have a number of solar cells for absorbing and harnessing the sunlight. And the high-tech LED bulbs provide sufficient light without consuming a lot of power. You can even charge this device via a power cord using an AC adapter or a simple mobile charger.

The Bottom Line

A free and unlimited source of light, these lanterns have simplified lives in the underdeveloped sections of the world. So do your bit for the environment and invest in solar energy. These amazing creations of technology not only act as a source of light but also take the aesthetic quotient of your room to a higher level. Other than the relatively simple solar lanterns, there are other high-tech devices as well that are powered by the sun. This article was a mere attempt to express my fascination with lanterns. I’m glad I could share my knowledge among those thinking about purchasing this exquisite piece of art. The brands mentioned above are just some of the best companies in the market. Consider your requirement and budget and you will find the best solar lantern for your needs!


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