November 3, 2016

Picking the Best IFAK Pouch to Heal You Up and Keep You Safe!

Best IFAKAn IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) pouch is something that every soldier is given before any combat or battle. It generally contains basic medical items required during a crisis like an injury or any emergency body dysfunction and so on. But does it mean no one other than soldiers can or should use them? Absolutely not! Suppose you are on a trekking trip, what would you do in a medical emergency? An IFAK pouch is the standard solution. Of course, it can never replace proper and professional medical treatment, but in an emergency situation, a properly assorted IFAK pouch can come in super handy. Now, let’s take a look at the best IFAK pouches available in the market.

What Are the Best IFAK Pouches in the Market?

There are two types of pouches in the market, one without the medicine supply in which you have put together your own customized medicine items, another one with all the basic necessary supplies. This is because different people have different demands from these products, some just go with the pre-stocked pouches whereas others prefer to fill the pouch with their own selected items.

 Condor Rip Away EMT Pouch (Bag Only)

This pouch has a tri-fold design and is filled many pockets and loops for easy access and organization. It is an empty pouch which you get to fill up with your chosen set of medical items.  I think this is one of the best IFAK bags because of its versatility.


    It has multiple pockets and loops that allow you to carry any and everything you wish including rolls of tape, gauze, syringe, etc.

    MOLLE webbing on the panel and Velcro on the outside that helps you attach it to any backpack you wish.

    Easy to pull, double-zipper closure.

    Comes with a large handle that helps you to conveniently rip the pouch away from the thing you secured it to.

    Straps to keep it from falling off accidentally.

    Very efficient and rugged design, specifically suitable for rough use.

    Comes at an affordable price.


    No shoulder strap available.

    Its design is so compact that it may get a bit bulky when stuffed full.


Fully Stocked MOLLE Tactical Trauma Kit First Aid Pouch

This product comes with the basic fundamental medical items required in an emergency, suitable for starters.


    The pouch is strongly built and has a rugged appearance.

    Strong, durable zippers.

    MOLLE webbing allows you to secure the pouch to any MOLLE tactical backpack, etc.

    Very compact in structure.

    Provides easy access to all its parts.

    Different sizes and shapes of bandages included.

    Burn and pain-relief medications are included.

    Also, comes with a blood-stopper kit.


    Tourniquet is not included in the pouch.

    The blood-stopper lit does not contain any hemostatic agent.


US Army IFAK (Multi Cam)

This is a GSA-compliant item and all its included supplies are current USA Military issue, so I can’t exactly go into a lot of details about it. Basically, it is a very professional, highly efficient and reliable IFAK.


    MOLLE compatible pouch.

    Very lightweight and compact.

    Contains heavy-duty plastic on the sides of the pouch inside.

    The pouch is made of Cordura material with Velcro.

    Each kit contains one 4” bandage, one pair of nitrile gloves (black), one CAT tourniquet, one roll of 4.5” compressed Primed gauze, one 2” roll of 3M Durapore cloth tape and one chest decompression kit.


    It costs a bit more but considering the quality and quantity of the pouch and supplies, I would say it’s worth it.

Orca Tactical MOLLE Rip Away EMT Pouch (Bag Only)

This pouch again, is compact, tough and contains an ample number of pockets, loops, and chains that allow you to store almost any medication you want in it.


    Made of 900D polyester that ensures its durability.

    The pouch is double-stitched completely and has two-way paracord zipper pulls.

    MOLLE webbing on the panel allows you to secure it to any MOLLE tactical gear/backpack, etc.

    Has a removable First Aid Patch on the front that helps it get recognized instantly among other items.

    There are D-rings available for extra attachments.

    A water grommet is fixed at the bottom.

    Rugged outlook, capable of holding a lot of supplies.

    Comes at an affordable price.


    The design is not that compact.

    Only one large compartment available.

    Top handle not available.

How to Choose an IFAK

You have to keep in mind a few points before buying an IFAK pouch. Firstly, you need to decide whether you want just a pouch in which you will stock your own chosen medical items or you want one already filled with basic supplies.

Next, you have to decide on how small or big you want your IFAK to be, keeping in mind your requirements and the place where you would keep or attach it.

Other points to be considered are its durability, efficiency, built-up material, water-resistance, whether it is MOLLE compatible or not, whether it has Velcro on the outside or not, how many small and large compartments and loops are there and for Military purposes, whether the pouch is appropriately coloured or not and so on.  At the end of the day, the best IFAK really depends on your needs, and what you want it to include.  The good thing about this, is that there are many options available that you can pick and chose and customize from.

How to Put an IFAK Together

Many people prefer buying a bag-only IFAK pouch and putting together supplies of their own choice. But if you are a starter, the question arises, what items you should and should not put?

Bandage rolls of assorted sizes, gauze pads, hemorrhage control kit, cotton, few emergency pills for various general illnesses, Band-Aids, burn and pain relief ointments, clotting solutions, sterile dressings, tourniquet, medical gloves, medical scissors, and for some cases, inhaler for asthma patients, emergency syringes and saline solutions and other general fluids, and any other prescribed medications etc. could be stacked in an IFAK pouch.

My Assessment

I hope that by now, I have been able to offer you almost all the necessary details about an Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK). For more, you can always check online. The four products I have discussed above are the some of the most reviewed and recommended ones in the market. There are, of course, a lot of other products out there from which you can choose one to buy. Before buying, just keep in mind all the points stated above because you don’t want to be stuck with an IFAK which is not compatible with all your requirements, or too small or too big for your use. So, what are you waiting for? Go on and buy an IFAK soon and get ready to go on a long trekking or hunting trip, and in the case of emergency, you;ll be ready.  Hopefully this guide has helped you find the best IFAK for your needs, and it will keep you safe in all your adventures.


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